Here Are 17 Insanely Fun and Cozy Winter Date Ideas to Love

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Here are 17 fun and cozy winter date ideas to celebrate the season.

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This post is all about fun winter date ideas for the cold weather season.

Winter can be one of the best times for a romantic date. A snowy landscape can be the perfect backdrop for a romantic candlelit dinner or for an exciting carriage ride.

Depending on your interests, there are plenty of fun ways to spend some time with your loved one this winter. Here are just a few cozy winter date ideas.

When it’s cold outside, hunker down inside. Cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors to do fun things like taking a cooking course, making fondue, or preparing a candlelit dinner to enjoy for a romantic evening at home.

Or, when the weather is mild enough outside, winter can be a great time to go ice skating at a local ice skating rink or to take a carriage ride through the park. Dress warmly, and plan a stop by your favorite coffee shop or cafe for a warm drink or snack after spending time outdoors.

Winter can also be a great time to plan a romantic weekend getaway to spend some time together. But staying close to home for a day trip or an evening event can be just as much fun.

Tips on Choosing What To Do for a Winter Date

When deciding on what to do for a winter date, here are some things that you can keep in mind.

1—Have fun.

Look for activities that you’ll both enjoy doing together. It can help to make a bucket list of things that you’d both like to do during the winter.

2—It doesn’t have to be expensive.

A fun winter date doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to spend time together without breaking the bank.

Spending time at home can be a great way to save money. Find a movie that you’ll both enjoy, cook an inexpensive dinner, or plan your next vacation together.

Christmas tree lighting events are often free to watch. You could also browse the stalls at a local Christmas market.

Going for a winter hike or renting ice skates at a local ice skating rink may also be low cost activities that are fun to do on a winter date.

3—Make it as stress-free as possible.

Planning a winter date doesn’t have to be stressful.

For example, making a special dinner at home can be stressful, but if you subscribe to a meal service or start with an easy dinner plan, then cooking together or cooking for the one you love can be a more stress-free situation.

Or come up with an easy menu, look for recipes, and make a checklist to ensure that you’ve got everything you need to make dinner.

Find something simple to do, like watching a movie that you both enjoy. Or go to the opening night of an art exhibition. This can be a great date, because it gives you something to do and food and drink may already be provided.

Easy winter date ideas, like visiting a holiday market or stopping by a coffee shop, can be simple enough to do on the fly. Look for ways to spend quality time together that are relaxing and fun for both of you.

Winter Date Food & Drink Ideas

If you’re planning to spend the day or evening indoors, then you’ll need some good food to munch on while watching your favorite movies or decorating the tree. Here are some tasty food and drink ideas for winter date night.

1–Arborio Rice

Use Arborio rice to make an authentic style risotto for an at-home date night meal.


Make pasta as part of an economical, yet delicious, date night dinner. Cook your favorite pasta, and top it with homemade alfredo sauce or gourmet pasta sauce, fresh herbs, and grated cheese for a delicious pasta dinner.

3—Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet popcorn makes the perfect snack for a movie night. Look for delicious flavors like caramel, cheesy popcorn, or sweet kettle corn popcorn.

4—Gourmet Chocolate

Use gourmet chocolate to make fondue or s’mores, or to munch on as part of a charcuterie board or cheese tray.

5—Graham Crackers

Use graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows to make baked s’mores to enjoy on a cold winter day.


Gourmet marshmallows are perfect for snacking, for adding to hot cocoa, or for making s’mores.

7—Apple Cider

Apple cider is a delicious, seasonal winter drink to enjoy while watching the snow fall, listening to your favorite music, or doing other cozy activities at home.

8—Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is the perfect warm drink for a cold winter day. Enjoy some while watching your favorite movies or decorating the tree.

Whether you’re a homebody or you like to get out and mingle, here are some winter date ideas to do together.

17 Insanely Fun & Cozy Winter Date Ideas

1—Go ice skating.

If your city or town has a municipal ice skating rink, then ice skating can be a great winter date idea.

2—See a show.

Winter is the perfect time to see a live show, and the season is often filled with opportunities to see things like The Nutcracker.

Seeing a show can be a great first date idea, since you’ll both be watching the stage. Plus, the show gives you something to talk about if you go to dinner after the show.

3—Go sledding.

If your city or town has a big hill that is used for sledding during winter, then this can be a fun winter date (it’s also a great way to spend time with friends). Afterward, go to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa or tea and a pastry.

4—Have a romantic movie night.

Movie nights at home are perfect for those evenings when it’s too cold to go outside. Order dinner delivery online, or make an appetizer spread consisting of great foods like a charcuterie board, a cheese board, or a butter board. Serve your favorite drinks. Here is a list of our favorite romantic movies, if you’re looking for inspiration.

5—Go for a winter walk.

If your city or township provides cleared walkways in a park or nature preserve, then it can be fun to get outside and enjoy some fresh winter air during a walk or hike. Afterward, stop by your favorite coffee shop or cafe for a warm drink and a snack.

6—Take a carriage ride.

Find out if your city or town offers carriage rides in the park. This can be a unique and fun way to spend a date during winter time.

7—Cook dinner together.

Use a meal service or pick out a favorite recipe to cook (be sure to do your grocery shopping ahead of time, so that you have all the ingredients that you need!). Things like pasta and risotto make great date night meals, plus they’re easy to make. Put together a side salad, and you have an easy, elegant winter date night dinner.

8—Go bowling.

Go bowling together or meet up with friends for a bowling challenge (bowling is perfect for a group date event or a casual meet up with friends). Follow up bowling with a relaxed dinner, and you have a great winter date idea that’s perfect for daytime or evening time.

9—Decorate for the holidays.

Spend a few hours together decorating your Christmas tree or decorating the rooms of your house for the holidays. Play holiday music or your favorite songs to inspire you. Put together a charcuterie board, cheese plate, or other snacks to enjoy while you decorate.

10—Go to a tree lighting ceremony.

Watching a Christmas tree lighting can be a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

11—Visit a Christmas market.

Holiday markets are the perfect way to spend some time together in winter. It’s a good time to explore vendors to sample unique holiday food and to window shop or pick out a few gifts for each other.

12—Attend an art class.

Register for a group art class, whether it’s for painting, pottery, or other art forms. It can be a great way to relieve stress, work together, learn something new, and spend quality time indoors this winter.

13—Have a candle lit dinner.

Pull out your best tablecloth, decorate the table with (LED) candles and pillars, and dim the lights for a romantic candle dinner. Pasta dishes are easy to make, as are , or have dinner delivered. Arrange two place settings at the table, and enjoy a fancy dinner at home.

14—Make s’mores.

Set up a s’mores station in your kitchen, and make delicious s’mores with your favorite toppings. You can cook the marshmallows over the fire pit or place them on graham crackers to heat in the oven. Baked s’mores are easy to make, and you can garnish them with all kinds of tasty toppings, like gourmet chocolate, caramel sauce, chocolate turtle candy, and candy sprinkles.

15—Visit an art gallery or an art museum.

Stop by a local gallery to view a new exhibit. Some art galleries and museums hold special events for new exhibits or premieres, especially for members. This can be a fun and interesting date night event to attend if you have a membership.

16—Volunteer together.

Spend some time volunteering at a local food bank, homeless shelter, coat drive, holiday toy drive, or with a local community organization that could benefit from your time and services. Not only do you get to spend some time together, you’ll be helping others out, too.

17—Plan your next vacation.

When it’s cold outside, this can be the perfect time to think about things that you’ll do when it’s warm again. Planning your next vacation or trip can be a great way to spend time with your partner while thinking of fun things to do.

Things to do include planning an itinerary, researching hotels, sightseeing opportunities, and restaurants, and looking for travel deals. Or make a list of places that you’d like to go and plan a dream vacation.

This post was all about fun winter date ideas.

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