15 Clever Last Minute Costume Ideas to Surprise Your Friends

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Here are some easy last minute costume ideas to make and to wear.

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This post is all about easy last minute costumes to make and wear.

If you’re looking for last minute costume ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. October is a fun time to think about dressing up for costume parties, trick or treating, and more.

One of the best things about costume parties is dressing up for and with your friends. These are all last minute costume ideas that you can wear to impress your friends or wear with your friends as a group.

Many of the items needed to make these costumes are pretty easy to get, and you may already have some of these items in your closet.

Not only are these last minute costume ideas easy to create, some of these costume ideas can be cheap to make, especially if you already have some of the items that you need to make the costume at home.

Plus, it’s always fun to get creative when it comes to thinking about costumes and dressing up. It’s time to bring out all your favorite glitter makeup (just be sure not to get any into your eyes, nose, or mouth!) and creativity to make an amazing costume for adults this year.

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Scroll down for easy last minute costume ideas. Or, if you know what you want to be for Halloween, click on each link to learn how to make a great costume!

Insanely Good (and Easy) Last Minute Costume Ideas

Whether you are attending an awesome party or taking the kids to trick or treat, you may be looking for a great last minute costume to wear. Here are some easy last minute costume ideas to make for having fun this season.


There are so many ways to create a cat costume to wear for parties and trick or treating this season. Wear a black dress with a pair of cute black booties, and place a pair of cat ears on your head. Or wear a bodysuit with tights or leggings, and a cat ears headband.

Black Dress


Cat Ears Headband



Black Dress

Cat Costume Accessories

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2—Cluster of Grapes

Blow up a bunch of purple balloons, and glue them to a sweatshirt. This costume idea works especially well if you have a purple sweatsuit or a bodysuit to attach the balloons to.

Top off the look with a green or purple hat. Use construction paper or craft paper to make green leaves to attach to the hat. Or use artificial grape leaves to complete the look.

Purple Balloons



Artificial Grape Leaves

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Wear a red, pink, or white outfit with a heart-shaped headband. Accessorize the outfit with red or white white wings, a feather boa, or a fuzzy jacket. Heart shaped sunglasses and heart shaped jewelry also make great accessories.


Tulle Skirt

Heart Sunglasses

Heart Headband

Red Dress

Cupid Accessories

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This costume is fun to wear with friends. Decorate a bright yellow t-shirt or sweatshirt with your favorite emoji face using felt fabric.

Yellow Sweatshirt

Black Felt Fabric Squares

Colorful Felt Fabric Squares

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Wear a cute outfit—like a pastel dress and ballerina flats—and place a flower wreath on your head. Bring out your best glitter makeup to bring magic to the look. Bonus points for carrying a wand. This is a really cute costume idea to wear with a group of friends.

Metallic Dress


Flower Crown


Metallic Crop Top + Skirt

Romantic Style Dress

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6—Greek Goddess

Wear a long, flowing maxi dress. Accessorize it with a gold belt and gold sandals or heels. A floral headband or gold headband, and gold statement jewelry make the perfect finishing touches for a goddess costume.

Infinity Dress




Cuff Bangle Jewelry

One Shoulder Dress


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7—Grunge Girl

Everybody loves a 90’s grunge girl. Pair your favorite flannel shirt with a cami or retro t shirt and distressed, wide leg jeans or baggy pants. Black platform boots are a must.

Flannel Shirt

Tank Top

Wide Leg Jeans


Crop Top

Skater Skirt

Platform Boots

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8—Hippie Girl

Be the perfect flower child in a tie dye t shirt and wide leg jeans or shorts, and a flower headband. Wear tinted, round sunglasses and bracelets for a perfect hippie look.

Bell Sleeve Top


Hippie Costume Accessories

Bell Sleeve Mini Dress

Hippie Costume Accessories

Go Go Boots

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Pull out your best sparkling outfit and wear it with a shell barrette or headband. Crop tops and belly dancer tops paired with a metallic skirt or pants are a great look for an easy mermaid costume.

Metallic Top

Body Glitter

Metallic Skirt

Crop Top

Hair Accessories

Long Sleeve Metallic Top

Metallic Pants

Chunky Mermaid Glitter

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Wear a white monochromatic outfit–white top and white pants, or a white dress–and wrap yourself in gauze to look like a mummy. This is a fun costume to wear with friends, since you can help to wrap each other up.

White Body Suit

White Leggings

Gauze Rolls

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Wear an orange t-shirt or sweatshirt and a green hat. Make a Jack-o-Lantern face out of black felt and pin it to your orange shirt. Or wear a pumpkin sweatshirt with a pair of leggings for an easy costume.

Orange Sweatshirt

Beanie Hat

Pumpkin Sweatshirt

Black Leggings

Pumpkin Onesie

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This is a fun and easy costume. Simply wear your favorite pair of overalls with a plaid shirt and a straw hat (if you don’t have a straw hat, then any kind of rustic looking, brimmed hat will do.) Use makeup to make your face look that of a scarecrow, and you’re done.

Plaid Shirt


Straw Hat

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13—Space Cowgirl

This costume is always fun. Wear a cute top with a sequined skirt or metallic skirt or shorts. Finish the costume with a white or metallic cowboy hat and white or metallic cowboy boots. Glitter, sparkles, and shiny colors are the things that make this costume great.

Long Sleeve Metallic Top

Pink Cowboy Hat

Tank Top

Metallic Shorts

Tube Top

Body Glitter

Cowboy Boots

Metallic Skater Skirt

Holographic Cowboy Hat

Metallic Top

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Wear a cute outfit or dress and accessorize with a unicorn horn. Or go full speed and wear your favorite unicorn onesie. This is a fun costume to create with face gems and glitter makeup–just be sure not to get any into your eyes, nose, or mouth!

Colorful Hair Wig

Face Gems

Metallic Outfit

Unicorn Glitter

Furry Leg Warmers

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15—Wednesday Addams

Dress as the iconic film character by wearing a black dress with a white collar and wearing your hair in pigtails.

Black Dress

Detachable Collar

Black Nail Polish

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16—Bonus Costume Idea—Ghost

Dress up as a ghost for Halloween.

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This post was all about easy last minute costume ideas to make and wear.

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