High School Girl Graduation Gifts That She Might Actually Love (and Use) | Unique Gifts for Teen Girls in 2024

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Here is a high school girl graduation gift list (or great teenage girl gift ideas for anytime of year) that is full of gift ideas that she might actually love and use.

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This post is all about gifts for high school girls that she might actually LOVE—and use.

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to shop for, but when it comes to things like finding gifts for teens for birthdays, holidays, and graduation, then shop you must. We put together a list of some the greatest items that we think many teenage girls will love.

This post originally started as an idea to make a list of 21 graduation gifts for teen girls. But it quickly grew and became a go to list for teen girl gifts that can fit almost any occasion–from Christmas to birthdays to graduation. Now there are even more gift ideas, and you can use them to give gifts any time of the year.

These gift ideas for teen girls show that fun and unique gifts for teens don’t have to be expensive. The list covers everything from fashion to school and hobbies.

Here are some gift ideas for high school girls that many high school girls will love to get, updated for 2024. You’ll find our favorite gift ideas, from practical to whimsical, with plenty of trendy gift ideas for teenage girls. In sections with multiple listings, each item is sold separately.

Note: When choosing gifts for children and teens, be sure to check the manufacturers’ recommended ages for each product. Also, consider if a product is appropriate for the child or teen that you are planning to give the product as a gift to, as each child and each teen is unique in everything, including maturity, interests, and temperament.

Be sure to check out our graduation gift ideas for her.

1—Weekender Bag

This is a good gift for a high school girl who will be heading to college soon. A weekender bag is large enough to hold clothes and other necessities for visiting home or traveling with friends for the weekend.

2—Insulated Water Bottle

Hydro Flask water bottles are really popular with high school and college girls right now. The insulated bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours and are a great way to stay hydrated during a busy day. Hydro Flask bottles are durable. Plus, they are great to decorate with stickers.

3—LED String Lights

LED string lights are a great gift for a high school girl. Not only are they great for creating soft, ambient lighting, they can make a room look creative, warm, and cozy. Your high school girl probably uses LED string lights to decorate her room now, and she’ll probably use them to decorate her room in college.

4—Photo Display

A macrame photo display is a great way to display photos of her favorite people, places, and animals, and things that she loves.

5—Fuzzy Handbag

These cozy, fuzzy handbags are really popular right now, especially among those who love the retro looks that are making a comeback in fashion (each item sold separately).

6—Cozy Blanket

Most girls love cozy blankets. Sherpa throw blankets are really in, and they are always cozy, no matter what the season is. This is a blanket that she can use for high school, college, and beyond.

7—Fuzzy Slippers

Every girl loves a pair of fuzzy slippers, especially when they have a cute design.


A journal can be used to help organize scheduling, reminders, to-do lists, and more in ways that are often creative and colorful.

With so many styles and eclectic options to choose from, keeping a journal can be both useful and fun. Plus, it helps her learn organizational skills that may be helpful in high school, college, and in the “real world” beyond. (Each item sold separately.)

9—Colorful Pens

Colorful pens are a must-have for journaling and other creative activities. Pair these with a journal or drawing pad for an awesome gift (items sold separately).

Here is a popular, large capacity bag for storing pens, pencils, and other writing tools, and keeping them organized.

10—Felt Letter Board

A felt letter board is a great way for a teen girl to express herself without having to say a word. Plus, she can use it to decorate her room in creative ways. These felt letter boards come in many different colors to choose from.

A felt letter board stand can be useful for mounting a felt letter board.

11—Squishy Toys

Squishy toys and stuffed animals are everything for kids and teens right now. Here are some popular styles, or she may have a favorite that she tells you about.

12—Kindle Paperwhite

If your high school girl loves reading, then a Kindle Paperwhite may be just the gift for her. It’s like having a bookstore at her fingertips. All that she needs now is a travel mug full of coffee or tea and a gift card.

13—Phone Stand or Tablet Stand

A phone stand or tablet stand can make it easier to go hands-free when she’s studying, watching Netflix, reading a recipe while cooking, or otherwise multi-tasking.

A tablet stand can be great for watching your favorite shows or other programs.

14—Instant Film Camera

An instant film camera helps her capture the memories that she and her family and friends are busy making. Plus, it gives her a way to take photos to post in the gallery wall that will decorate her dorm room wall in college.

15—Portable Photo Printer

This is a good gift for a high school girl because she needs a way to print her photos so that she can hang them on her wall. A portable photo printer, along with extra film, are good gifts to buy along with the instant camera.


Jewelry makes a pretty and sentimental gift for teenage girls.

17—Cute Decor

Cute room decor is almost always a good gift when you are looking for unique gift ideas for teen girls.

18—Makeup Bag

A cosmetic bag is a great gift for taking her makeup on the go, plus they come in really cute styles.


Every girl loves leggings, especially when they are super comfortable and durable for all the things that she does in her daily life. These popular leggings are an amazing item to add to the closet.


An over sized hoodie is great for those days when you want to be cozy. Plus, they look great with leggings.


A backpack is one of the most necessary items for a student, and a high school girl is no exception. This cute backpacks come with many features and in many different colors that can take her from high school to college with ease.

22—Duck Boots

If your high school girl lives in a wet climate or is into the outdoors, then duck boots are a great pick for helping to keep her feet dry. They’re stylish, too.


Great gifts for teens who like makeup and cosmetics include things hair wraps, clips, and scrunchies.

24—Funny Socks

Funny socks are a gift that almost everyone loves, and these are an inexpensive gift that she can always use.

This post featured 21 or more great gifts for a high school girl that she could love and find useful.

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