5 Makeup Trends for 2022 to Love (So Far)

As we reach the middle of the year, we take a look at some of the biggest makeup trends so far—from over the top glamorous to relaxed and natural looks. Here are 5 great 2022 makeup trends to explore.

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When it comes to fashion, 2022 has been a year of venturing out in bright colors and bold looks. Makeup is no exception.

The biggest trends in makeup this year involve plenty of color, dramatic looks, and glowing skin, balanced with a nod to minimalism with clean makeup looks.

5 Best 2022 Makeup Trends

Here are 5 makeup trends to explore for everyday style in 2022.

1–Statement Lips

When it comes to lipstick and lip color, look for bright, happy tones that give your lips a pronounced, dramatic look. Having a great red lip is a perfect way to get this trend. Glossy lips are also in. Add lip liner just above the lips to give your lips a slightly fuller look. Bonus: Lip liner is totally in as part of 90s makeup trend this year.

2–Clean Makeup

The “no makeup” makeup look is another big trend this year, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist look when it comes to makeup. Go for looks that put focus on the skin and give your makeup an uncomplicated, “barely there” look. Foundation is key here—ones that hydrate the skin and include anti-aging ingredients are especially in.

For simplicity, a nude, glossy lip is another way to get a great clean look that is not too much, but just enough for the face. Get the look: lip gloss. Get the look: tinted moisturizer, concealer, clear brow gel, SPF setting spray, glow-y foundation

3–90’s Flair

Looks that give a nod to 90s makeup trends are in. Think bold lip liner and glitter highlights, colorful blush and sculpted cheeks. Makeup looks that make your face shine and look sunkissed are all the rage, especially if it makes you look like you spent some time at the beach or took a relaxing walk on a summer day. For a softer look, go for coral blush that gives your cheeks a soft flush or hint of color and makes you stand out in a subtle way.

4–Metallic Looks

A shimmering look is in everywhere this season, and a small touch of glitter makeup to the face can give you a great look for a special occasion or an evening out with friends. Metallic eye shadow adds a brilliant touch to eye makeup, and is flexible enough to make the look worn for daytime or nighttime.

Blend in soft, neutral metallic colors to provide a gentle highlight to your normal, daytime makeup look, or use bolder colors to accent your evening makeup look. Get the look: glow-y foundation

5–Color Pops

Bright, bold colors are everywhere, from clothing to accessories. They are also a trend in makeup, where a simple eyeshadow in a bold color can give you a great look. Apply statement blush in a color that gets you noticed for bold, hard to miss cheeks. For a more subtle look, use an eyeliner in a complimentary color, or go bold with a great lip color in a surprising tone.

This post was all about 5 great makeup trends for 2022.

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