The Best Graduation Party Games

Here are some of the best graduation party games and fun activities for a graduation celebration.

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Looking for the best graduation party games to play at your big celebration? This post is all about the fun and exciting party games for your graduation party.

Graduation season is almost here, and what better way to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one than throwing an epic graduation party filled with laughter, games, and unforgettable memories?

In this post, we’ll explore some of the best party games to ensure your graduation bash is a hit from start to finish. Many of these graduation party games are family friendly and great for everything from high school graduation party games ideas to college graduation party ideas.

Whether you’re a graduate looking to throw the ultimate celebration or a friend or family member tasked with planning the perfect party, we’ve got you covered with graduation party game ideas.

From classic favorites with a graduation twist to modern and interactive options that will have your guests buzzing, these party games are guaranteed to keep the fun going long after the diplomas are handed out.

So dust off your cap and gown, gather your loved ones, and get ready to make some memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s dive into the best party games to play at a graduation party and make your celebration one to remember.

Why Play Graduation Party Games for Entertainment?

Games and fun activities play a large role in creating an unforgettable graduation party. These gatherings serve as poignant celebrations that unite loved ones and recognize a graduate’s many accomplishments and achievements.

At the core of any memorable graduation party is the opportunity to build connections and foster camaraderie among guests. By playing fun games and activities like tumbling Giant Jenga sessions and spirited rounds of Graduation Bingo, party guests can find common ground to bond, laugh, and create fun and meaningful memories together.

A wide array of games and entertainment options can cater to guests of all ages and backgrounds, adding another layer of fun to your graduation celebration. From emoji games to sentimental activities, each element contributes to a fun and heartfelt experience to celebrate the graduate’s journey and aspirations.

The Best Graduation Party Games

Here are some of the best graduation party games and activities to keep guests entertained and have an amazing time at your party.

1—Who Knows the Graduate Best?

Test your guests’ knowledge with a personalized quiz all about the graduate! From personal preferences to hilarious anecdotes, this game is a great way to celebrate the graduate’s journey and to reminisce about shared experiences. Get ready for some friendly competition and a trip down memory lane with this game.

2—Graduation Mad Libs

Get creative and hilarious with Graduation Mad Libs, a fun twist on the classic Mad Libs game. Fill in the blanks with words provided by your guests and create a hilarious narrative celebrating the graduate and their journey. Graduation Mad Libs are great for adding laughter and creativity to a party atmosphere.


Kick your graduation party up a notch with Yardzee, the oversized outdoor version of Yahtzee! Roll those giant dice, match combinations on your scorecard, and let the outdoor fun and friendly competition begin.

Yardzee, and other giant dice games, are perfect for adding some excitement to your celebration while enjoying the great outdoors. Dry erase score cards can be a good way to keep track of the game.

4—Advice Cards or Words of Wisdom Cards

Let your guests share their heartfelt advice, encouragement, and well wishes for the graduate with Advice Cards or Words of Wisdom Cards. These cards can be collected and compiled into a meaningful keepsake for the graduate to cherish.

Advice Cards or Words of Wisdom Cards a touching way for guests to show their support for the graduate’s future endeavors. Just place the cards on a table with a pen cup filled with some writing pens, set up a card box, and encourage your guests to write advice, encouragement, and well wishes on the cards to place in the card box for the graduate.

These cards are always fun to look back on to remember those who loved and cared about you on the big day.

5—Has the Grad Ever? Party Game

Get ready for some laughs and insights with the Has the Grad Ever? game! Guests take turns asking the graduate questions starting with “Has the grad ever…?” and try to guess if the statement is true or false.

The person who guesses the most questions correctly can win a prize. Playing Has the Grad Ever? is a fun way to learn more about the graduate and to share some funny and memorable moments.

6—Graduation Bingo

Add some excitement to your party with Graduation Bingo! Guests play bingo using cards filled with graduation related words or phrases, marking them off as they’re called out during the party.

Graduation Bingo is a great way to keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the celebration, plus it’s a fun game that almost anyone can play.

7—Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga is one of those oversized outdoor party games that many people love to play. The idea behind playing Giant Jenga is simple: Stack oversized wooden blocks into a tower and take turns removing blocks from the tower without causing it a collapse.

But, it’s not as easy as it sounds! Giant Jenga is perfect for adding some friendly competition and laughs to your graduation bash.

8—Bean Bag Toss

Bring out the competitive spirit with Bean Bag Toss, a game also known as Cornhole in some places. Aim the bean bean bags at the platform and score points to become the ultimate bean bag champion.

This bean bag game can be played with different variations, including Climb the Ladder and Long Toss. Bean bag toss is perfect for guests of all ages to enjoy some outdoor fun at your graduation party.

9—Ring Toss

Ring toss is a classic outdoor party game that can bring joy for years to come.

10—Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar

Add a dash of excitement to your graduation party with the game Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar. All that you need is an empty jar with lid and some candies to fill the jar.

Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar is a game where guests guess the number of candies in a jar. The person who guesses the closest to the actual amount without going over wins the jar or a prize.

An empty graduation mason jar kit, like the one shown above, can be used to make this game even more relevant to your graduation party. Instead of filling the jar with money, you could fill it with candy.

11—Graduation Emoji Game

Test your guests’ emoji decoding skills with the Graduation Emoji Game. This game is a fun way to challenge your guests’ creativity and keep them entertained.

In the Graduation Emoji Game, guests try to guess graduation themed words and phrases based on emojis that are displayed on cards or screens. Players use their creativity and deductive skills to decode the emojis and guess the correct answers. The player or team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

12—Graduation Scratch Off Game

In this game, players can scratch off cards to see if they win a prize. This is a fun game to give away some choice prices to the winners—such as things that they will need for college or for life after graduation.

13—Giant Connect 4

Keep the fun going with the game Giant Connect 4. Players drop colored discs into a giant grid and aim to connect four discs of the same color in a row.

This is a popular game for summer parties, especially outdoor parties. It’s an easy to understand game that’s perfect for guests of all ages to enjoy at your graduation party.

14—Graduation Party Games or Trivia Set

Keep your guests entertained with a variety of games included in a graduation party games or trivia set. This type of games set can be a good set to get if you’re not sure about what games to play.


In Superlatives, guests write words to describe the graduate on index cards and post the cards beneath related photos. The cards are then read aloud, celebrating the graduate’s achievements and qualities, and maybe even some fun moments and memories.

Superlatives is a heartfelt way to highlight the graduate’s unique personality and accomplishments during the party.

To make the Superlatives photo display extra special, use a graduation themed photos display to present photos for your party guests to place their cards beneath.

Or get really creative by making a gallery wall of framed photographs that show different moments and milestones from the graduate’s life.

16—Graduation Photo Booth

Capture memories and strike a pose with a Graduation Photo Booth. The photo booth is a must have at a graduation party. Start with a creative background, such as a banner or fringe curtains, and then place props nearby for guests to take silly photos.

Some ideas for photo backdrops include graduation banners, glitter style backdrops, green leaves backdrops, and rustic barn style backdrops. You can find almost any style of backdrop to compliment a party theme. Be sure to check the size of the banner or backdrop that you are considering.

Make sure to have plenty of photo props for taking pictures.

A fun and festive photo booth should keep your guests occupied for hours, taking fun and memorable photos to commemorate the occasion. It’s a great way to add some entertainment and create lasting memories for everyone.

This post was all about the best graduation party games.

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