How to Give Good Gifts

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If you’ve ever wondered how to be the best gift giver in your circle, here are some tips on how to do it.

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This post is all about how to give the best gifts.

If you’ve ever known someone who always seems to be on top of things—including knowing exactly what gift to give someone and when to give it, then here are some tips to crack the secrets on how it’s done.

You can become that type of person, too. All that it requires is a little knowledge and planning ahead of time.

Giving great gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, knowing what you want to give someone ahead of time can actually save you money if you are able to watch for an item to go on sale before you buy it.

Homemade gifts, like home-baked cakes or cookies, don’t have to cost a lot to make if you use simple, inexpensive ingredients from the grocery store.

Practical gifts, like taking a homemade dinner to new parents or offering to help tidy up an elderly relative or friend’s home, can also be great gifts to give to someone.

Finally, something as simple as a phone call or text message can brighten a person’s day when you remember something important like an anniversary or a birthday. Sometimes people like the gift of having time.

If you give gifts often, then you probably know how important presentation and packaging can be. Personalizing the gift wrap—such as using pet-themed gift wrapping paper for people who love dogs—can also make your gift a hit.

Another idea is to add ribbon, bows, gift tags, or small details—like attaching a pine sprig or flower to the gift, to make the gift look unique and extra thoughtful. Here are some tips on how to wrap gifts that may give you some creative ideas on how to package and wrap gifts.

Remember, when it comes to giving the best gifts, it’s the thought that counts the most.

How to Give the Best Gifts

Here are some tips on how to give great gifts and to be known as the person who always remembers important occasions.

1—Always remember important dates.

Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other occasions that may call for giving or sending a gift. That way, you can plan ahead, and be the type of person who always remembers birthdays and other special occasions. Even if you can only call or send a text, people love to be remembered.

2—Be a good listener.

Sometimes the easiest way to find out what to give someone is to ask that person what they would like to receive as a gift. But, sometimes you may have to give a gift without being able to ask or you may want to surprise someone.

Think about things that you heard someone mention wanting or needing, and this can help you to think of possible gifts to give someone. Sometimes you can come up with good gift ideas just by having a conversation.

If you see something nice, positive, or thoughtful that reminds you of someone, and that you think they will enjoy, then make a note of it. (You may even want to buy it, if you’re worried about being able to find the item again later).

3—Keep a list of potential gifts.

Keep a list of gifts that would be great to give to people that you know. When you see something that would make a great gift for your parents, children, siblings, or best friend, for example, make a note of what the item is, where you saw it, and who the gift would be great for.

This is also be a great way to prepare for shopping during the off season, when you may have more time to look for sales or deals. Plus, you may be able to relieve stress around finding the perfect gift, if you already have some great gifts to choose from at home.

4—Give an “experience” gift.

Ideas for an experience gift include an annual museum to an art museum, a botanical garden, a local symphony orchestra, or a local theater or opera company. If your gift recipient likes to travel, then travel-related presents—like gift cards for airlines, hotels, or AirBnB, can also be great gifts.

5—Give a practical gift.

Sometimes practical gifts make the best gifts of all. These types of gifts often relate to a hobby or activity that a person likes to do or needs to do, like spending time outdoors, DIY projects, travel, or grocery shopping.

If you know someone who likes camping or hiking, then gifts like a head lamp or GPS can be a great gift for that person.

Someone who is always repairing things around the house might like a magnet for locating loose nails and other small items or a pair of heavy duty work gloves to wear while working on a project.

New parents may appreciate having a home-cooked meal, while an elderly neighbor or relative may appreciate having someone to help tidy up their home or yard.

Gift cards for basics like groceries, household items, house cleaning services, food delivery, or even a favorite bakery or coffee shop, can also make great gifts.

6—Make it personal.

Put together a gift basket to give your gift recipient a present that is crafted just for their needs or experiences. Ideas include making a spa gift basket for your friend who feels stressed, or an Italian-inspired pasta gift basket for your friend who likes to cook.

Here are some ideas on how to make a gift basket that they’ll remember for a long time.

Other types of homemade gifts or experiences often make great personal gifts.

You could make a quilt or knit a blanket or socks for someone who is always cold.

Or make their favorite dinner or bake their favorite cake, pie, or cookies.

You could also get together with family and friends to make a video tribute to give to someone who is very special to you. These types of videos can be great for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

7—Include a personal touch or note with every gift.

Include a handwritten card or a small item that shows the thought that you put into choosing a particular gift for your gift recipient.

This post was all about how to give the best gifts.

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