The Best Gifts for Women Who Work Outdoors

Here are some amazing gift ideas for women who work outdoors.

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This post is all about the best gifts for women who work outdoors.

Looking for great gifts for women who work outside? If your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, or someone special in your life spends much of their time working outdoors—or is just an outdoor enthusiast in general, then this women’s gift guide is for you.

Women who work on jobs that are mainly outdoors, like construction, farming and ranching, forestry, landscaping, public works, sports, and utilities, often have unique jobs that require them to be outside in the elements, rain or shine.

Here we list the kinds of gifts that can make being outside much more comfortable and enjoyable for the women in your life. We cover practical gifts for women who work outdoors, the types of outdoor gifts that are unique and useful, plus a few outdoorsy gift ideas that are thoughtful, fun, and unique gifts for women.

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The Best Gifts for Women Who Work Outdoors

Here are some gift ideas for the amazing women who work outdoors in your life.

1—Insulated Work Pants.

Insulated work pants are a must have for women who work outdoors in cold weather. The pants are made of water and wind resistant fabric and fleece lined to provide an extra layer of warmth during cold weather conditions. Zippered pockets provide a place to store small personal items while you’re on the go. The pants come in a variety of great colors, making it easier to match a work outfit or choose pants in her favorite color.

2—Insulated Coveralls.

If she needs more coverage for working outdoors during cold weather, then a pair of insulted coveralls can make a much appreciated gift for a woman who works outdoors.

3—Thermal Underwear.

Thermal underwear offer an extra layer of warmth for women who work outdoors in cold weather conditions.

4—Insulated Work Gloves.

Insulated work gloves help to keep her hands warm while she’s on the job.

5—Tactical Pants.

These women’s cargo pants are made with a nylon /spandex blend fabric that is comfortable, making these a real winner when it comes to women’s tactical pants. The pants offer UPF 50+ sun protection, plus cargo pockets for storing small items. In addition, the pants come in a variety of great colors for choosing the perfect pair.

6—Belt Bag.

A belt bag gives you a convenient way to store small personal items, like a cell phone, wallet, and sunglasses case. This belt bag gives her a stylish way to carry her supplies.


A good pair of sunglasses is a must have for being outside while working or doing other activities. These sunglasses feature a lightweight, comfortable frame with padding and polarized lenses that are designed to reduce the intensity and glare from sunlight.


Darn Tough socks are famous among hikers and other outdoorsy people for their comfort and moisture wicking qualities. We think this gorgeous pair would make a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast (each pair of socks sold separately).


A backpack offers a convenient way to carry personal items while you’re on the go.

10—Lunch Bag.

If she takes her lunch to work, then this is an excellent lunch bag to have. The bag is roomy, with multiple compartments for carrying food, drinks, and snacks to help nourish and power her day.

11—Bento Box.

Bento boxes are a unique way to pack your favorite lunches for work each day. This bento box comes with multiple layers to choose from, depending on what you need to pack that day.

12—Electric Lunchbox / Portable Food Warmer.

An electric lunch box or portable food warmer is the perfect gift for a woman who doesn’t have access to a microwave at lunchtime. With a portable food warmer, she can heat up food to make hot meals on the go.

13—Beanie Hat.

These super soft beanie hats are made with a satin lining that feels luxurious, even when it’s cold outside. Not only do they help to keep her head warm, these beanies look very stylish, too.


Timex Expedition watches have long been loved by many wrist watch enthusiasts who love a rugged, durable outdoor watch that is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters, and it has convenient features like a timer, calendar, and 24 hour military time mode.

15—Insulated Water Bottle.

A high quality water bottle helps to keep water and other drinks cold throughout the day, a good way to help her stay hydrated. This water bottle from Hydro Flask is designed to be lightweight, so it can be a good option if she is looking to lighten the load for backpacking or other outdoor activities.

16—Cold Weather Parka Jacket.

A wind and water resistant jacket is a must have for women who work in places where it is chilly and there is a lot of rain. This highly rated jacket comes with many colors to choose from, and it is designed with great features, like a detachable hood and fuzzy lining to help keep you warm.

17—Coffee Press.

This portable coffee press is the perfect gift for the woman who likes to enjoy her favorite coffee drinks while on the go.

18—Personal Fan.

A personal fan is a must have when it’s hot outside, and you need a quick and easy way to help cool down. Lightweight and easy to carry, these rechargeable, battery operated fans are perfect for taking on the go.

19—Cooling Towels.

Cooling towels are a must have for working outdoors in warm weather conditions. These highly rated microfiber cooling towels come in bright colors and make a great stocking stuffer for women who work outdoors.


If she likes to spend time outdoors at the beach or picnicking in the park when the weather is nice outside, then these Teva sandals may be the perfect gift for her. Teva sandals are known for being comfortable and well built, and they are a go to shoe for those who like a comfortable sandal.


These beautiful, multipurpose blankets are perfect for getting cozy after a long day at work or for soaking up the sun during a day off work. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to fit her style.

22—Crossbody Bag.

This small bag is just the right size to carry a cell phone, cards, and a few small items. It can be a great bag to have when she wants to look stylish and keep essentials nearby without having to carry a large handbag.


This bracelet is a perfect gift for the fearless woman in your life. A jewelry dish to use for storing her favorite pieces is also a good gift to give with jewelry (each item sold separately).

Here is an inspirational jewelry dish that makes a thoughtful and unique gift for women.


Headbands come in handy when you’re active, and you want to keep your hair out of your face. These headbands are designed to stay put and do just that—perfect for yoga enthusiasts, hikers, and other women who use a headband to help hold their hair in place.

25—Sun Hat.

A sun hat helps to protect her face and neck from the sun’s rays, making it a thoughtful gift for the woman who works outdoors. This hat features a hidden pocket for storing small personal items. It’s also foldable for easy storage, so that you can always have a sun hat around.

26—Water Resistant Jacket.

This rain jacket is the perfect thing to have as the weather starts to warm up, and spring rains arrive. The jacket is made from breathable, lightweight fabric that is also wind and water resistant. The jacket also has zippered pockets, convenient for holding a phone and other small items–perfect for the busy woman who is on the go.

This post was all about the best gifts for women who work outdoors.

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