Unique Gifts for In Laws

The best picks and ideas on what to give your in-laws for Christmas and other special occasions during the year.

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This post is all about the best gift ideas for in laws.

Looking for what to give in-laws for Christmas? Here are some of our favorite picks.

In-laws can be hard to shop for, if you’re being honest about it. There can be added pressure because we often feel like we have to get it right. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to consider when you’re shopping for in-laws. These gift ideas for in laws are perfect for many occasions, including anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas.

The Best Gifts for In-Laws

Here are some of the best picks for what to give your in-laws for Christmas or other special occasions. In listing where multiple items are listed, each item is sold separately.

1—Whiskey Decanter Set

This hand blown glass whiskey decanter set comes with etched glass detailing that makes this gift extra special. The decanter comes with matching glasses that fit into a wood tray. This is a really great gift for in laws who enjoy whiskey and like to entertain.

2—Wine Chiller

Here is another great gift for those times when you would like to impress your in laws. A wine chiller rod is a convenient way to chill wine, and this set comes with tools to help aerate and pour wine, too, making it an all in one style gift to give for serving wine.

3—Espresso Machine

If your in laws enjoy drinking coffee drinks, then they may enjoy having an espresso maker.

4—Hummingbird Feeder

If your in-laws like to garden or spend time outdoors, and they live in a place where hummingbirds migrate, then give them a pretty hummingbird feeder (or two—hummingbirds are territorial!) to help draw the attention of these fascinating birds during the warmer months of the year.

5—Family Tree Picture Frame

This family tree picture frame is a unique and beautiful gift for in laws. The metal tree stand includes photo frames that are attached to the stand with ribbons. The tree also features bronze painted leaves that give it a nice look. The tree makes a beautiful decor piece, and your in laws will love to show off their favorite photos of their favorite people in this frame

6—Jewelry Tray

A jewelry tray or trinket tray makes a sweet and sentimental gift for a mother in law.

7—Coffee Mug.

A coffee mug is always a good go to gift for in laws, especially when it has a cute or funny message.

8—Framed Prints from Grandchildren

If your in-laws are proud grandparents, then give them a nicely framed work of art or handwritten story, poem, or letter from their grandchildren. Have your kids brainstorm ideas and then put their creation onto paper. Frame the work in a photo frame to give to your in-laws. Or fill a photo frame with photos of their favorite grand kids doing fun or amazing things.

9—Fruit Bowl

A decorative fruit bowl makes a useful and unique gift for in laws who obsess about their kitchen.


If your in-laws are the types who enjoy spending time in the kitchen, then a cookbook makes a great gift.

11—Olive Oil

If your in-laws are foodies, then an olive oil gift set may be just the ticket for finding a great holiday gift (or any time gift) for them. These olive oils come in interesting flavors, like Tuscan Herb and Mushroom & Sage, that are sure to add interesting flavors to their favorite recipes.

12—Covered Cake Stand

A covered cake stand is the perfect gift for in laws who love baking.

13—Gourmet Gift Basket

A gourmet gift basket is a classic gift for people who are hard to shop for. A mix of tasty foods and treats makes it easier to find something that many people will like.


Make a donation to their favorite charity—or choose a charity who’s cause you think they might like, and make a donation in their name.

15—Tea Gift Set

If your in-laws appreciate having a quiet moment at the start or the end of the day, then this tea gift set may be just the thing.


If your in laws love solving puzzles, then a new puzzle will probably be a welcome gift.

17—Museum or Garden Membership

Give the gift of an annual membership to a local symphony, art museum, botanic garden, or other cultural institution if your in-laws enjoy the fine arts, music, or gardening. Just make sure they don’t already have the membership before you buy it.

18—Wine Tote

If your in laws are the type of people who like to have picnics or bring wine to special events and occasions, then this stylish wine tote bag may be just the gift for them.

19—Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board makes a great gift for in laws who like to entertain.


This adorable tumbler makes a great gift for the mother in law who likes to drink coffee or tea.

21—Tote Bag

Not only are these tote bags roomy and stylish, the initial makes it an extra personal gift. This would make a great gift for a mother in law who loves to use tote bags to carry things around.

22—Monocular Telescope

A monocular telescope is the perfect gift for an in law who likes to spend time outside doing things like birding, watching sports games, or nature watching.

23—Golf Grill Kit

This golf club style grill kit is a unique and unique perfect gift to give in laws who love to grill and who love golf. The grill kit comes with a barbecue fork, a silicone basting brush, salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like golf balls, tongs, and a spatula that is shaped like a golf club. A golf bag shaped carrying case is the perfect way to package things up.

This post was all about gift ideas for in laws.

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