The Best Home Decor Trends in 2023

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This year’s home decor trends feature a return to color, soft features, and lived-in looks. Here are some easy ways to use the best and biggest style trends in your home.

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This post is all about home decor trends for the year 2023.

Here are some of the best home decor trends to know about, and tips on how to incorporate them into your home.

Spring 2023 Home Decor Trends

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1—Desert Tones

Colors that remind us of being in the desert are a big trend this year.

The desert interior design trend is modern, cozy, and slightly bohemian. The style is somewhat minimalist, drawing on rugged desert landscapes as an inspiration for the colors and moods.

To get the style, fill your rooms with neutral colors and earth tones, textured fabrics, natural elements, and modern furniture.

Add succulent plants and houseplants to the room, and a hint of Southwestern flair, like desert landscape artwork or a motif patterned throw pillow.

Use woven fabrics to create layers throughout the room. Tapestries, blankets, and rugs in earth tones or motif prints are great for adding texture and warmth to a space.

Woven baskets can be used to store blankets, pillows, remote controls, magazines, and other items, plus they add another layer of texture and warmth to a room.

Checkerboard and other fun prints are big this spring, in everything from blankets to rugs.

Bouclé is also making a splash. Look for textured fabrics to layer and add warmth to your home decor. Accent pillows, blankets, rugs, and baskets are the perfect way to get the look.

3—Earthy Blue and Green Tones

Although neutral furniture and home decor continues to be a popular trend, we’re starting to see a return of the use of bold colors—especially earth tones like green and blue.

Look for colors that remind you of the ocean or other bodies of water. Natural shades that look like they would be at home in a forest can be relaxing and grounding.

Go bold by incorporating large amounts of color in your home, or start small by using artwork, vases, throw pillows, blankets, and other accent decor to add small pops of color to each room.

4—Natural Elements

From earth tones to organic materials, natural elements will play a big role in home decor trends this year. Incorporate the natural elements trend into your home decor through a combination of furniture and accent decor.

1—Neutral Sofa

Neutral sofas are a great way to make a living room look modern and chic, while complementing your existing decor.

Neutral colors like beige, tan, and white fit in well with the hottest decor trends this season. Also consider other neutral colors and earth tones, like sage green and terracotta.

2—Statement Furniture

Whether you choose a oversized rounded sofa, natural wood table, demilune side table, round ottoman, or oval mirror with a unique frame, furniture that makes a statement is on trend this year.

Rounded features take up more space, so give them room to breathe and create an interesting flow through your home.

3—Rounded Chairs

Rounded chairs are an easy way to get the current look without making a huge commitment.

4—Nature-Inspired Lighting Fixtures

Chandeliers and lighting fixtures that resemble natural features are a big trend this year. Look for organic shapes to capture the trend and recreate the look in your home.


Adding a great houseplant is a quick and easy way to add a more natural feel to your home.

6—Flower Arrangements

Larger than life flower arrangements that spill over the sides of the vase are a great look this year. Use flowers, create rounded shapes, and ground everything in a steady vase.


Use contrast to create harmonious spaces. Contrast neutral furniture with bright accents, like throw pillows, blankets, tabletop decor, artwork. Use a great rug to bring everything together.

If your usual home decor style is minimalist, add a stunning houseplant, colorful piece of art, or other intriguing feature that turns your usual style on its head.

5—Vintage Style

Nostalgia is making a comeback, and what better way to get the look than incorporating a few antique pieces or vintage style into the home.

Vintage style artwork is a great way to get the look. Hang artwork in rich, gold frames to recreate the look in your home.

Luxurious wallpaper prints that look like something you would find in an old English manner are a great way to add color and style to a room.

Be on the lookout for weathered finishes, timeless pieces, rich wood finishes and colors, and pieces that give your space a well lived-in look and feel.

Dark academia vibes also get a nod with the return of dark wood finishes and leather furniture and detailing.

6—Soft Rounded Edges

Soft rounded edges—a trend that was big in 2022, continues to be a major decor trend in 2023. Use rounded shapes to create flow and add softness to your living space.

When it comes to round shapes, go beyond the circle to include ovals, egg shapes, ellipses, rings, and more. Rounded mirrors, clocks, vases, and other accent pieces are a great way to get the look.

This is a fabulous home decor trend that you can express in many ways, from hanging a rounded mirror in your entryway hall or bathroom, to mounting a curved headboard at the head of your bed in the bedroom.

2023 Home Decor Trends | Room by Room Decor

Here are some ideas on how to get the look, by room.

1—Living Room

Place an oval-shaped coffee table in front of the sofa. Use a console table with rounded edges to display your favorite flower arrangements. Place round artwork and décor throughout the room.

2—Dining Room

Use a round dining table to help create “flow” through the room. Plus, a rounded dinner table makes it easier for your guests to see each other.

Above the table, a rounded chandelier or light fixture can be used as a dramatic element. Place a round rug underneath the dining table to add warmth to the room.


Spring decor trends for the kitchen lean toward bold colors—especially for cabinets—and statement hardware.

Blue and green cabinets with stand-out hardware are especially in. You can get the look by painting your cabinets and changing out the hardware.

For changes on a smaller scale, paint your kitchen island in a color that stands out, or paint a table or cart that sits in the kitchen.

Choose kitchen decor that incorporates earthy colors and texture, and the ever popular blue and green tones into your kitchen.

Countertops made of natural stone are also on trend. Add natural-like stone touches, such as using marble print paper to refresh your backsplash.

Display butcher block cutting boards for a natural, earthy feel. Add wood and bamboo utensils, ceramic crocks, and houseplants for an organic look and feel.

4—Library or Office

Use lamps with rounded bases to add light and decorate the room. Round tables can soften up the look of the room. Chairs with rounded seats can be used to add color and help soften the square edges of bookshelves and tables.


Place a few pieces throughout the room that play on the rounded theme. Rounded lamps and ottomans are great items to consider using in a bedroom.


Use round mirrors or oval mirrors to update the look of your bathroom. A rounded mirror in a decorative frame makes a bathroom feel more luxurious.

7—Laundry Room or Mud Room

The laundry room and mud room are two of the most practical rooms in the home, but you can still decorate them to fit current trends.

7—Personal Touches

If you have a specific piece or style that you like, then 2023 is a great year to incorporate it into your home. Personal style and organic design is in this year.

Go for objects and pieces that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a great find from an old estate sale or a handmade piece that you created while taking a course at an art studio.

Fantastic found objects and things with an organic, natural feel are perfect for incorporating into your living space.

Embrace your own uniqueness and creativity when it comes to decorating your home this year.

This post was all about the best home decor trends in 2023.

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