How to Make a Fall Flower Arrangement

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Your guide to making a simple fall floral arrangement for your home—from choosing flowers to selecting the perfect vase.

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Fall flower arrangements are a simple way to make your home look beautiful during the autumn season. They are also easy to make.

For those of us who love fresh flowers, few things are better than growing your own fresh flowers or picking up a bunch of fresh flowers at the farmer’s market.

But it can get expensive to buy fresh flowers each week or every few days, and it can be difficult to take care of fresh flowers and keep them looking good at home.

Dried flowers, faux flowers, and dried and faux botanical elements offer an easy way to make floral arrangements to decorate your home. They are especially great to use as fall home decor. The flowers and botanical elements—like stems, grass, and leaves—also come in great colors that are perfect for fall and winter.

Dried flowers and faux flowers are budget friendly and easy to care for—at most, you can dust them on occasion.

In this Post | Making Fall Flower Arrangements

  1. Popular Types of Fall Flowers and Botanical Elements
  2. How to Choose a Vase for a Fall Flower Arrangement
  3. Easy Ways to Style Fall Flowers and Vases
  4. How to Make a Simple Fall Floral Arrangement

1—Popular Types of Dried Flowers + Faux Flowers

Here are some popular fall flowers that make great additions to autumn decor and floral arrangements.

Berry Stems

Artificial stems and sprays are popular to fall arrangements. You can find them in many autumnal colors to match fall decor. Group together berry stems to make a flower arrangement, or add them to arrangements that feature other popular flowers like roses, sunflowers, and pampas grass.


Chrysanthemums, or mums, are one of the most recognizable fall flowers to use for autumn decor. Many people use mums to decorate the front porch for fall. Artificial mums can also be used for indoor decor. They look great in a simple flower pot or rounded vase.


Craspedia are showy flowers with golden ball heads. They look great grouped together in a tall vase or added to mixed flower arrangements for fall.

Dried Pampas Grass

Dried pampas grass is one of the most recognizable botanical elements to use in a floral arrangement. It is especially popular in boho and neutral home decor.


Faux eucalyptus makes a wonderful home decor element year round. Use eucalyptus stems or sprays to add to flower arrangements, display them in vases, or use them to decorate mantels or tabletops during the holidays.

Gerber Daisies

Gerber daisies are a classic flower to use for making flower arrangements. They come in many colors and can blend into many decor schemes. Place a bunch of Gerber daisies in a rounded vase or hourglass vase to display, or group them with other flowers to make arrangements.

Pussy Willow

Pussy willow stems are a great way to add height to a flower arrangement. On their own, they make a perfect flower arrangement for the minimalist home. Pussy willow stems look great in both spring and fall flower arrangements.


Sunflowers are a classic fall flower. They can be used to add color, height, and drama to a mixed flower arrangement, or grouped together to make a simple, warm flower display for the home.

2—How to Choose a Vase for a Fall Flower Arrangement

Choosing a vase for your flower arrangement is almost as important as choosing the flowers themselves.

When choosing a flower vase, a general rule of thumb is that the flower stems should not be more than twice the height of the flower vase. More flowers or a bigger bouquet requires a wider mouth vase, while single stem or fewer stem arrangements are better supported by vases with a narrower opening.

Vases are often made from glass, crystal, or ceramic materials. They come in different shapes, including bud vase, column vase, and round vase shapes.

Here are some tips on types of flower vases to use.

Bud Vase

Use bud vases to hold single stems or a cluster of smaller flowers or botanical stems.

Column Vase

Column vases are well suited to displaying long-stemmed flowers, like lilies and sunflowers. These are also the perfect vases for displaying stems, like berry stems, pussy willow stems, and twigs.

Hourglass Vase

Use hourglass vases to hold flowers or botanical elements with large heads. Roses and sunflowers are among the best flowers to display in an hourglass vase; smaller pampas grass stalks and bunny tails make a great highlight.

Mason Jar

Mason jars are a simple way to add a rustic look to your flower arrangement. You can paint the jars to match the rest of your room decor or design theme.

Round Vase

Round vases look great with mounded flowers, like bunches of roses or Gerbera daisies. You may need to trim the flower stems so that the flowers fit into the vase.

3—Easy Ways to Style Flowers and Vases | Simple Fall Home Decor

Here are 3 easy ways to create flower arrangements to decorate your home in the fall.

1–Themed Vases

Different vases that feature a common theme— such as color or the material they are made of—are a great way to display flowers and create interest in a room. An easy way to get the look is to buy a set of vases, and use these to display flowers of your choice. Use a similar flower themes in each of the vases to bring the look together. This is a great way to style popular fall flowers like mums, sunflowers, and zinnias.

2–Simple Arrangements

One of the easiest ways to make a floral arrangement is to bunch together one type of flower, plant, or stem in a vase. Use several bunches to make the arrangement look full and dramatic. This style looks great in medium or tall vases with tall flower or botanical stems. Great flowers and botanical elements to use include celosia, eucalyptus, pampas grass, and wheat stems.

3–Over-the-Top Arrangements

One trend in container gardening is to style each container using the thriller, filler, and spiller technique. This can also work well for vases inside the home. Use thriller plants to add height, add shorter flowers or plants to fill in the vase, and add a spiller plant that “spills” over the side of the vase to create drama.

Ornamental grasses and plants, like pampas grass, celosia, berry stems, and eucalyptus stems make great thrillers for flower arrangements. Put the thriller plant at the back or at the center of the vase.

Look for round-shaped plants or mounded plants to use as fillers. Place the filler plant between the thriller plant and the edge of the vase or container, or surround the thriller plant with filler plants if the thriller is in the center of the vase. Petunias, euphorbia (Snow-on-the-Mountain), mums, ornamental kale, and coleus make good filler plants.

Place a spiller plant at the edge of the vase or container and let the flowers or leaves spill out or trail over the side of the container.

4—How to Make a Simple Fall Floral Arrangement

Here is how to make a simple fall flower arrangement for your home. You can also use these tips to make floral arrangements for a fall wedding.

What You’ll Need

  • Medium-sized flower vase
  • Flowers of your choice—sunflowers and roses in autumnal colors are a great option
  • Greenery of your choice—eucalyptus works well
  • Florist scissors for cutting stems


  1. Measure flower stems, berry picks, and greenery stems so that the stems are no more than 1.5 to 2x the height of the vase. Trim stems or bend stems so that they are the right height to fit in the vase. If desired, add one tall “thriller” element—such as a small bunch of pampas grass or celosia—and one trailing “spiller” element—such as ivy—to add a to the display.
  2. Arrange the floral stems in the vase, tilting the stems slightly so that the flowers and botanical elements are at an angle facing out of the vase. Use greenery to fill empty spaces and make the arrangement look plush.

This post was all about tips for making a fall floral arrangements that make easy fall decor for your home.

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