How to Wear a Printed Dress or Skirt + The Best Styling Ideas

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Tips on how to wear a printed dress or skirt, one of the biggest trends this season.

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How to wear floral prints and teacup prints in ways that look sweet, but not too saccharine, and bold prints in a stylish way.

Romantic floral prints and bold wallpaper prints are a popular trend, especially when it comes to dresses. Some of the biggest print trends for fall 2021 include floral prints, plaids, patchwork, and colorful, bold prints.

Printed dresses and skirts are a great look, but it’s easy for an outfit to become overwhelmed by a single print. Here are some tips on how to wear a printed dress or skirt in a way that looks stylish.

The Easiest Tip: Choose One Print

One of the easiest ways to make a print work is to stick to wearing only one printed piece, while wearing solid colors or neutrals for every other part of the outfit. This means pulling out your favorite solid color blazer, or neutral booties, sandals, or handbags to complete the outfit.

This is a great tip for wearing bold prints. If a dress has a bold print, wear neutral, understated accessories to tone things down. The accessories let the print shine while adding a balanced, finished look to the outfit.

What to Wear With a Bold Print

  • Gold bangle bracelet or gold statement earrings
  • Boots or ankle boots in a neutral tone, such as beige, tan, or brown
  • Gold sandals or flats
  • Structured handbag in a neutral tone, such as beige, tan, or brown

Create Layers for Interest

One of the best things about wearing printed dresses in fall is that a variety of fabrics are available to layer and create interest in an outfit. Layer printed dresses with great pieces, like shirt jackets, leather jackets, or oversized knit cardigans to create a fun and interesting look.

Here are some clothing pieces and accessories that can be used to create a chic layered look when styled with a print dress.

Shirt Jacket.

The shirt jacket trend is perfect for wearing with floral print dresses. Look for interesting patterns or materials, like plaid shirt jackets or corduroy shirt jackets.


A blazer adds gravitas to any outfit, and wearing a blazer is a great way to style a printed dress for an office casual or slightly dressy look. Look for a blazer in a color that compliments the print of the dress.

Leather Jacket.

A leather jacket adds edge to an otherwise sweet floral print or tea print dress.

Oversized Cardigan.

An oversized cardigan in a neutral tone softens the look of a printed dress.

Duster Cardigan.

Duster cardigans in a neutral or complimentary tone are a great way to highlight a print.


Cowboy boots are in, and they add a rustic edge to floral prints. Booties look great with midi length dresses, and neutral tones help to ground an outfit and make it look polished.


Colorful heels in a tone that compliments a printed dress are a great way to highlight a print while making an outfit look fun and stylish.

Statement Accessories.

A piece of statement jewelry, such as a bold colored bracelet or a pendant necklace of earrings is a great way to add interest to a printed dress.


Felt hats add a chic look to any outfit. Neutral tones, such as dark beige or brown, add a rustic look that helps to tone down floral prints.

Use Complimentary Colors to Highlight the Print

Adding a piece in a complimentary color is another way to ground a printed dress. This is wear pieces like blazers or cardigans and accessories like earrings, bracelets, belts, hats, shoes, and handbags come into play.

For lighter colored prints or backgrounds, add a darker complimentary tone or color to help balance the look. Add bold, bright colors to compliment darker prints or tones.

Mix Prints for a Stylish Look

While a general rule of thumb is to only wear one print in an outfit, mixing prints, such as wearing a soft plaid in a complimentary color, can be a great way to put together a fun and interesting outfit.

Wear Stylish Shoes

Shoes are a great way to bring a finished look to a printed dress.

For a dressy look, go for neutral tones. You can liven the look up by adding a pair of heels or flats in a two-tone neutral color.

For a casual, fun look, add boots, booties, flats, or heels in a colorful tone that compliments the dress.

For the most casual look, style a printed dress with a pair of classic sneakers.

Floral prints and teacup prints add a romantic look to an outfit, but it’s easy to become lost in the fabric. Adding neutral tones to the outfit can help to balance things out and ground the look.

How to Wear a Printed Dress or Skirt

Printed dresses and skirts have been a big fashion trend recently, but it’s easy to find the look to be more homely than stylish. Here are some tips for how to style a printed dress to look chic and fashionable.

1—Balance out ditzy prints.

Ditzy, dainty prints can be fun, but overwhelming, on a printed dress. Add a bold, interesting piece to help balance out the look—wearing a blazer in a bold, complimentary color is one way to do it.

2—Add a blazer.

Wearing A solid color blazer in a complimentary color or neutral tone is a great way to balance out a print and bring a look together.

3—Wear statement jewelry.

Add a piece of statement jewelry that highlights a color in the print. This helps to both balance the look and bring attention to the print, while making an outfit look more put together.

4—Use neutrals.

Neutrals bring an earthy tone to any design look. Add neutral accessories to help ground a busy print. Blazers and jackets in a neutral tone are another great way to balance out a busy or fussy print.

5—Try mixing prints.

Mixed prints are a fun way to wear floral prints. Match lighter prints with darker prints in complimentary colors—for example, adding a plaid blazer to a floral print dress.

6—Go for a western vibe.

Cowboy boots are in this season, and they are great for adding a rustic, grounded vibe to a printed dress. Style with a denim jacket and statement earrings for a casual look.

This post detailed how to wear a printed dress to look stylish and chic.

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