The Best Way to Wear Pastel Colors in Fall and Winter

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Pastel colors give outfits new life this winter. Here’s how to wear your favorite fall and winter clothes in pastel for a stylish look.

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This post is all about how to use pastel colors to create stylish fall and winter outfits.

Lately, pastel colors have been in. Colors like bubblegum pink, lavender, and light blue are being seen everywhere, from suits to winter coats. Pastel colors are no longer just for spring. The trend carries across all seasons.

But fitting pastel colors into a wardrobe can be a challenge. Pastel clothing often gets criticized for being too “cotton candy” or infantile, but there are many ways to wear pastel colors and still look good.

Soft pastel colors are great when contrasted with unexpected silhouettes, like a modern business suit or oversized coat or jacket. These colors soften the look just a little, but not so much that it feels dowdy. Wearing pastels with confidence breathes new life into a look.

Pastels can soften the look of an outfit, and bring joy and fun on cloudy day.

Pastels are versatile, taking your wardrobe from bland to interesting with ease. In addition, pastels are a great way to transition fall and winter items into your spring wardrobe.

When the weather is cold and the skies are gray, it’s a good time to add some pastel color to your outfit to liven up the scene.

How to Wear Pastels in Fall and Winter

Pastels are everywhere this season. Whether you rock a pastel suit or a pastel handbag, there are so many ways to add pastel clothing to a winter wardrobe.

Here are some ideas for clothing pieces and accessories to wear in pastel colors.


Sweaters are a closet staple during winter, so you might as well have them in fun colors.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are on trend this winter, and they look great paired with chunky sweaters or with layered blouses and turtlenecks.


Pastel pants are fun to wear, and look great with an oversized sweater or top. Pastel plaids are a great way to touch on two trends in color and pattern. Plus, plaids are fun to coordinate with other pieces in your closet.


A blazer is a great way to add pastel color to your wardrobe.


A statement coat in a colorful pink, blue, or lavender is a great way to liven up your winter outfits. Puffer coats in pastel colors are another way to get the look.


Look for handbags in fun colors and silhouettes. Pastel backpacks are also a great way to wear the trend.


Shoes are a great way to add pastel color to an outfit, especially when coordinated with other pastel pieces in your wardrobe. Pastel loafers, sneakers, and boots look great paired with a pastel coat, for example.

5 Ways to Wear Pastels in Fall and Winter

Here are some chic ideas to use for adding pastel tones to your closet and how to wear pastel colors in cute winter outfits.

1–Choose Your Favorite Pastel Color

Current fashion trends feature an array of surprising colors, from pink to lavender. Choose a pastel that suits your tastes and decide whether you want to make it the main feature of your outfit or use it to add a pop of color or interest to what you wear.

Pastel tones are great to wear to make a statement or to add subtle color to an outfit. Pastel colors to look for include blush pink, powder blue, and lavender, and light yellow, among others.

2–Pick a Pastel Statement Piece

Statement pieces are a great way to make an outfit pop, especially in winter. It’s an easy way to create interest for an outfit, especially when you’re stuck in a rut of sweaters during winter.

A tailored suit or blazer in a pastel color is a surprising way to look chic in winter. Pastel colors add a clean, crisp note to your look. Complete the outfit with a great pair of sunglasses and a structured shoulder bag or clutch.

A winter coat in a surprising color, like pink or blue, makes a great statement piece for the closet. Statement coats make a great contrast to neutral outfits. Use bold color choices to make a statement in pastel this winter.

3–Go with Monochromatic for a Stylish Winter Outfit

A monochromatic outfit is a great look for those days when you feel like you don’t have anything to wear. Monochromatic means that all the pieces in the outfit come from the same color family, essentially. If you have a sweater and pants in complimentary shades of the same color, then you have it made.

Pastel pinks, blues, creams, and grays are all great colors to match for a monochromatic outfit. Use pastels to soften the dramatic look of winter jewel tones in the same color family. It gives you a surprising look for winter.

4–Look for Pastel Plaids

Plaid is “in” this season, and it’s a great way to bring pastels into your wardrobe. Look for plaid jackets, skirts, and pants to wear with your favorite shirts and sweaters. Plaid can be mixed and matched with so many items in a winter wardrobe.

This lightweight pea coat would look great when worn with pants and a sweater for the office. Or pair it with jeans for a casual weekend look.

5–Add Pastel Pops of Color for a Fresh Look

From hats to handbags, accessories are a great way to add a pop of pastel color to your wardrobe. Pastels go especially well with soft neutrals, like beige, winter white, and gray.

Changing up the look of your accessories is a great way to update your wardrobe in a simple way. Look for pastel handbags, shoes, hats, scarves, and gloves to add to your closet.

This post was all about how to wear pastels in fall and winter, with tips on what pastel clothing and accessories to wear for cute and stylish fall and winter outfits.

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