How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Springtime

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Bring the outside in to make your dorm room feel fresh and cozy.

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This post is about ways to make your dorm room feel more like springtime.

Spring is just around the corner, and you may—like many people—be tired of winter cold and ready to help things along.

We’ve spent months dressing for winter, trudging through the rain and snow, waking up to cold, dark mornings, and now it’s time for something different.

Decorating your dorm room in spring decor can bring a bright and cheerful feel to your space, and it may help to lift you—and your dorm room decor—out of the winter doldrums.

How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel More Like Springtime

Here are some ways to help your room look and feel more like spring.

1—Change the look of your walls.

If dorm rules allow, use removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to brighten up your walls. Look for bright and cheerful colors and patterns that make you feel good.

Spring pattern wallpapers and wallpapers in seasonal colors can also add a spring-like touch to a room. Use warm colors and earthy tones to create a grounded, welcoming space.

2—Make a springtime collage or mood board.

Make a photo collage or mood board filled with photos and images that you love. Use photographs of your favorite family members and friends and highlight special memories—like high school graduation, birthday celebrations, or anniversary parties.

Great topics for mood boards include travel and places, fashion, animals, and other topics and interests that you may have.

Create a springtime mood board around topics like birds, butterflies, spring blooms and flowers, gardens, and other seasonal ideas.

3—Adopt a houseplant.

Houseplants add color and fresh vibes to a room, and they may even help to purify the air, too.

Look for easy to care for plants like cast iron plant, golden pothos, and sansevieria. House your plants in pretty pots that brighten up your room. Earth tones, pastels, and blues and greens can be spring-like and relaxing.

Succulents are perfect to use because their muted, relaxing colors add unique looks to a room. Look for colorful plants like mini agave, chalksticks (Senecio serpens), and echeveria to brighten up your room with the colors of spring.

4—Give your whole room a spring makeover.

When it comes to furniture and large decor in small spaces, lighter colors can make a room seem bigger.

Use light colors and neutral tones for everything from dorm room furniture to bedding, blankets, curtains, throw pillows, storage baskets, and other accent decor.

Framed art and posters add interest to your walls.

Use accent pillows, throw blankets, lamps, clocks, and wall art to add colorful touches to your room. Add mirrors to help reflect light around the room and make your space look bigger.

5—Choose a spring color palette.

When it comes to room furnishings and accent decor, color and materials play a big part in creating a look and feel for a room.

Choose a spring color palette to help brighten up the look of your room. Use earth tones and elements to create a more natural feel.

Pale pink, blush, ivory, cream, yellow, mint, eggshell blue, light mauve, tan, and taupe are great colors to choose from, as are natural materials, like wood and stone.

Pale blue and light green tones and shades are popular this season, adding a natural touch to the look of any room.

Vivid warm colors, like pink, saffron orange, golden yellow (in shades like mustard, ochre, or turmeric), or electric blue add pops of color to a room.

6—Change out your rug.

If you put down a dark rug on the floor to add warmth to a room—and to hide dirt and grime in winter, then consider changing out your rug to a lighter, springtime color or print.

Prints can help to hide dirt and grime from outside, while lighter colors help to make your space look bigger.

Wear indoor shoes, like cozy slippers, inside your dorm room to help keep carpets and rugs from getting dirty.

6—Use air fresheners.

Many dorms do not allow candles, so you have to get creative when it comes to making your dorm room smell good.

Aerosols, essential oil diffusers, and plug-ins are all ways to make a room smell good without using a candle.

In addition, it helps to improve the airflow and quality in your dorm room when you can.

Using an air purifier can help to improve the air quality in your room by removing odors and allergens.

A standing fan is great for helping to move air and create better air circulation in small spaces.

7—Do some spring cleaning ahead of time.

Get a head start on spring cleaning by taking some time to tidy up your dorm room.

Do laundry, hang or fold clean clothes, dust surfaces, change bed linens or make your bed, and shred or recycle old papers that you don’t need anymore.

Vacuum carpets and rugs to help pick up dirt and dust that may have settled over time.

Use natural cleaners with fresh scents to help make your dorm room smell good while you clean.

A clean space can make you feel better, and it may even help you sleep better, too.

This post was all about ways to make your dorm room feel like springtime.

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