10 Winter Fashion Trends to Know in 2021 / 2022

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Here are the 2021/22 winter fashion trends that you need to know as you shop this season.

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Winter 2021/22 fashion trends are here to brighten things up.

Depending on where you live, winter may be characterized by cold weather, gray skies, and rainy days. Fortunately, we have fashion to bring color and interesting looks to our wardrobes.

The biggest trends this winter range from oversized silhouettes to bold colors and prints. Quilted jackets, plaid and geometric prints, and bold and unexpected colors are highlights of the season. Classic and familiar themes, like knits, leggings, plaids, and warm tones, get a fresh look when paired with current trends.

Playful silhouettes and color trends make it easy to look hot, stay warm, and enjoy dressing up this winter. Here are some of the best winter fashion trends for 2021/22.

Popular Winter Fashion Trends for 2021/22

Here are some of the top trends for winter 2021/22 fashion.


Oversized blazers and jackets are on trend. Look for boyfriend blazers, quilted jackets, and barn jackets to be on trend. Big sleeves and drop shoulders are having a moment, too.

Bright Colors

Bring in bright colors to help beat the winter blues. Look for brilliant colors and energizing tones like tomato red, neon orange, bright yellow, lime green, bold blue, deep purple, and bubblegum pink, and soft tones like blush and lavender to update your winter wardrobe.


Geometric prints are trending, and they add so much to an outfit. Plaids remain a focus, and you can find plaid prints on everything from jackets to dresses and skirts.

There are many ways to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe. Update the clothes that you have with a few key looks and accessories.


10 Winter Fashion Trends That Update Your Closet

Choose from the latest trends to update your closet with bold colors and looks for current winter fashion.


  • Quilted Jackets
  • Puffer Vests
  • Oversized Sweaters
  • Mod Silhouettes
  • Lantern Sleeves
  • Crop Tops
  • Bold Brilliant Skirts
  • The Return of 90’s Fashion
  • Winter Boots
  • Big Bold Accessories

Keep scrolling for an overview of some of the best fashion trends for winter 2021/22.

1–Quilted Jackets

An oversized quilted jacket helps you stay warm this winter, while being on trend.

Classic barn jackets are having a moment, as are quilted jackets in surprising colors like and lavender.

2–Puffer Vests

The puffer vest is a closet staple, and you can wear it with everything, from your favorite jeans to a long, winter dress. Pair your puffer vest with a turtleneck sweater, jeans, and boots for a great winter look.

3–Oversized Sweaters

Winter brings “sweater weather”, and a time to update your closet with thick and cozy sweaters. Sweater trends this winter include oversized, turtleneck, cropped, and cardigan sweaters.

Oversized sweaters are perfect to wear with your favorite leggings—faux leather and faux suede leggings are really in this season.

Use colorful sweaters to make your winter wardrobe pop. Top things off with a pair of boots in shades like winter white or coconut cream for a stunning look.

4–Mod Silhouettes

Mod silhouettes made a comeback on the runway, and you can wear them everyday with shift dresses, mini skirts, knee high boots, and Mary Janes.

5–Lantern Sleeves

Voluminous sleeves are having a moment, and they add so much to the look of an outfit. Look for trends like lantern sleeves contrasted with cropped lengths, and oversized sweaters with big sleeves.

6–Crop Tops

Crop tops are in. Pair cropped sweaters and tops with your favorite pair of high rise leggings or jeans. Hot go for a 90’s look by pairing a cropped sweater with a mini skirt.

7–Brilliant Skirts

Plaid is “in”, and it’s making a statement, especially on skirts. Whether you rock a plaid mini skirt with a cropped sweater or a plaid midi skirt with an oversized blazer, plaid is one of the hottest trends of the moment.

Patchwork and geometric prints are also styles to look for. These are a fun way to heighten the look of a winter outfit.

Pleated midi skirts, mini skirts, and metallic colors and textures are other trends to look for in skirts.

8–The Return of 90’s Fashion

The 90’s are back with a vengeance when it comes to fashion, giving styles like boot cut leg jeans, midi denim skirts, and mini skirts a new moment to shine.

9–Winter Boots

Boots are always in for winter, but there a few trends to note for winter 2021/22. First, platform and lug sole boots are the ones to look for. The look adds a fun and playful edge to outfits.

Second boots in shades like cream and ivory are a must-have this season. These boots provide a brilliant contrast to colorful outfits.

Finally, western boots are having a moment—whether you wear them in classic shades of brown or in surprising colors, like brilliant blue.

10–Bold Accessories

Winter jewelry is trending toward big and bold. Think statement shapes, bold colors, and designs that you can’t miss. Flowers and pearls are in, as is layered jewelry and showy baubles.

Bold is also the name of the game for handbags. Large bags, fuzzy textures, and baggy silhouettes are in for winter. Animal prints, embroidery, and half-moon shapes add fun and interest.

Handbags with matching wallets add a practical touch, while messenger bags and totes give us what we need for stylish everyday wear.

This post was all about winter 2021/22 fashion trends.

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