Easy Easter Decorations for the Home + Easter Table Decorating Ideas

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Here are some ways to decorate your home for Easter, and to create the perfect Easter table decorations for a holiday brunch.

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Here are some Easter decorating ideas, including ideas on how to decorate your table for Easter.

Easter is one of the spring holidays that we go all out to celebrate in some way each year. It’s not unusual to find yourself spending as much time to decorate for Easter as you do for Christmas.

Here are some ideas on how easy it can be to decorate for Easter, especially if you follow a few simple themes that can be used to decorate for both Easter and the wider spring season.

Here are some great themes to use when decorating for Easter:

  • Easter eggs
  • Bunnies
  • Birds and birds’ nests
  • Spring blossoms
  • Cloches
  • Vintage style decor

Think about all of the places that you can decorate for Easter and spring in your home. Everything from tabletops to sofa arms is fair game.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use these design elements to decorate for Easter—and also, for spring—around the home.

If you keep a decorative tray on your ottoman, then add a few faux Easter eggs as a subtle way to celebrate the season. Fill cloches with bird’s nests and replace cool tone accent pillows and blankets with ones that reflect the soft colors of spring flower blooms.

Use flower arrangements to create a secret garden come to life in your home. Decorative balls, moss bunnies, reindeer moss, Spanish moss, and faux spring flowers and bulbs are great pieces to add to spring decor.

Use cozy throw blankets and accent pillows to create a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends. Fill baskets or woven tote bags with faux flowers to accent the look and feel of spring in the home.

Easter is a great time to show off your best tableware, whether you prefer a clean and minimalist aesthetic or pretty spring floral designs and pastels.

Mix and match colors and designs for a warm, charming look. Decorate the table with plenty of flowers—real or faux—to bring the feeling of a sunny spring day indoors.

Focus on the main areas where family and friends will gather for celebrations. You can also focus on more private areas, like adding an Easter egg tree to your bedroom or changing your bed linens to a light and airy neutral or pastel color for spring.

These tips are stylish and timeless, and you can use them way beyond Easter. Many of these design elements are great for decorating a home for spring, in general. Spring is all about renewal, and things like flower buds and birds’ eggs remind us of new beginnings.

Here are some of the best Easter table decorating ideas that you can also use throughout spring.

How to Decorate for Easter | Room and Table Decor Ideas

1—Make an Easter basket centerpiece.

Easter baskets make the perfect Easter table decorations. Fill your favorite baskets with natural looking details, like Spanish moss, faux eggs, faux flowers, and other spring-like details for a sophisticated design.

2—Decorate an Easter egg tree.

Spring is a time of renewal, and anything that reminds us of nature and fresh starts can be a good place to go with Easter home decor. Decorate a miniature tree with faux eggs, ribbon, and other details for unique Easter holiday decor.

3–Jazz up your place settings with special details.

Easter is a great time to liven up the place settings at your table by using unique dinnerware, flatware, drinkware, and arrangements to make everything feel special for your guests.

Mix and match pastel colors and patterns when it comes to choosing dinnerware.

Choose an unexpected finish for flatware. Vintage style goblets make interesting drinkware for Easter brunch.

Rustic wood, branch, or braided napkin rings make the perfect subtle detail that can get you plenty of compliments.

A bird’s nest placed atop each setting can also add a special touch.

4—Use egg cups for decorations.

Egg cups can be used for more than holding boiled eggs at breakfast. They also make great Easter decor for the holiday table. Fill each egg cup with a decorated Easter egg to add color to each place setting at the table.

5—Build a bird’s nest.

Bird’s nests make wonderful spring decorations, especially when displayed under a cloche. Cloches make fantastic home accent decor in almost any season—simply change up your display to match the season.

6—Don’t forget the bunnies.

Bunnies make great Easter decor, and they can also be used to decorate for spring. Moss bunny statues are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in, and make your home feel fresh for spring.

7—Use cake stands to add height.

Thrift stores can be a great place to find old cake stands that you can use for decorating the home in spring. Look for pretty pastel or neutral colors and interesting details, like scallops and scrolls.

You can also purchase cake stands online that can be used for displaying everything from Easter holiday desserts to spring vignettes featuring bird’s nests, easter eggs, and more.

8—Place faux eggs everywhere.

Faux Easter eggs are a great design element to have during spring. Use them to decorate everything from floral arrangements to Easter egg trees. They can also be used to decorate Easter baskets to use as tabletop centerpieces.

9—Use vintage style pieces to add character.

Antique or vintage style finds add a timeless feel to springtime and Easter decorations. Look for thrifted or vintage style pieces, like clocks, pitchers, and vases to decorate tabletops.

Fill old pitchers with faux spring flowers to make a simple, rustic centerpiece.

10—Incorporate pieces that you already own.

Popular home decor elements, like beads, tassels, ceramic vases, and dried pampas grass can be used to accent your Easter home decor.

Mix dried pampas grass with spring flowers to create boho style spring decor. Decorate trays with birds, beads, greenery, and faux Easter eggs to create a miniature spring tableau.

11—Add spring flowers.

Romantic details, like bouquets of roses and tulips add dramatic flair and color to Easter tabletop decor. Use fresh flowers to liven up the room for a special occasion—like Easter brunch, or use faux flowers to make a spring flower arrangement that lasts all season long.

This post was all about Easter table decorating ideas.

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