Here are 14 Fall Fashion Trends to Know for 2022

Fall is a great time to update your closet with the latest fashion trends. Here are some of the biggest trends for Fall/Winter 2022.

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From dopamine dressing to cargo pants, fall 2022 fashion trends are keeping us colorfully stylish this year.

Fall is the perfect time to update your closet. The weather is changing and it’s time to think about the colors and styles that we want to highlight in our wardrobes this fall.

Here are some of the biggest fashion trends for F/W 2022.

Fall 2022 Fashion Trends to Know


  1. The Basics | Tried and True Classic Styles
  2. White Tank Tops
  3. Oversized Pants | Wide Legs and Retro Silhouettes
  4. Dopamine Dressing | Bright Colors
  5. Preppy Sporty Vibes
  6. Warm Autumn Tones
  7. All Black Outfits | Monochromatic Looks for Fall + Vivid Highlights
  8. Pink | Barbiecore
  9. Low Rise Pants | Cargo Pants
  10. Leather and Faux Leather | Moto Looks
  11. Maxi Length Skirts and Dresses
  12. Statement Boots | Platforms, Metallics, and More
  13. Suiting | Tailored Styles
  14. The Statement Coat

Read on to learn more about these looks.

1–The Basics | Tried and True Classic Styles

One of the best things about Fall 2022 is that some of the biggest style trends revolve around classic styles that you may already have in your closet. That means that things like a black blazer, white camisole, or midi skirt can easily become “it” items this season.

What to Wear

Spice up your work outfits with an oversized blazer, midi skirt, and modern camisole. Use a pair of heavyweight tights in a neutral but unexpected color, such as gray or white, to tie the outfit together. A pair shoes in the same color as the tights can help to elongate your legs.

2–White Tank Tops

White tank tops are everywhere this season, and it’s a great look to love. White tanks go with everything—from black dress pants to midi skirts to your favorite pair of high waist denim.

What to Wear

To make a white tank top into a work outfit look, wear a blazer over your favorite white tank top. Pair the look with wide leg dress pants and loafers or heels, or pair the look with a midi skirt and boots.

For a more casual look, wear a white tank top with wide leg jeans and an oversized cardigan in a stylish fall color like orange, caramel, olive green, or lavender.

3–Oversized Pants | Wide Legs and Retro Silhouettes

Wide leg pants are back in a big way. Choose pants in a surprising color or fabric to compliment your wardrobe. Leather pants are in, as are pants in classic autumn colors like rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Caramel brown and olive green are also great colors to look for.

Don’t forget to invest in a pair of great wide leg jeans to wear with your favorite casual outfits. Pair these with a white tank top and a colorful blazer. Finish with a pair of platform boots.

What to Wear

Pair wide leg dress pants with a white tank top or camisole and an oversized blazer.

Pair wide leg jeans with a white tank top and blazer for a smart casual look, or with a white tank top and oversized cardigan for a cozy casual look.

4–Dopamine Dressing | Bright Colors

The so-called “dopamine” colors are still in. These are bright colors and hues that are bold and lively. Colors like red, pink, orange, yellow, and green add an eye-catching pop to your wardrobe this season.

In particular, look for bold pink, teal blue, lavender, and olive green hues to feature in clothing styles this season. Use neutral colors like beige and taupe to anchor your outfits that feature bold tones.

If you prefer neutrals, these are still in. Look for colors with warm brown undertones. Cream, charcoal gray and black are also great colors to build on.

What to Wear

One easy way to get the dopamine dressing look is to wear bold and bright colors in statement outerwear or accessories.

5–Preppy Sporty Vibes

Look for styles that give an, athletic sporty vibe—think varsity jackets, tennis skirts and shorts, and rugby stripes.

What to Wear

A varsity jacket can keep you warm and give you a sporty look this season. Rugby stripes are perfect for fashion tops and sweaters.

Pair your favorite tops with a tennis skirt or shorts and style it with winter-weight fabric tights and classic white sneakers.

6–Warm Autumn Tones

Fall is the season when leaves change color, and autumnal colors are well represented this year. Look for warm colors like orange and caramel to be used in updated ways this season.

If your work wardrobe needs a boost, then add a blazer or two in warm colors to match with neutral skirts or pants. Rich orange and mustard yellow tones are great colors to pair with brown pants. Pull the look together with a white tank top and a top handle handbag or tote.

What to Wear

Classic camel, beige, and caramel colors are in. Invest in a camel wool coat or beige wide leg pants to anchor your outfits. Look for accessories—like shoulder bags, totes, and Chelsea boots or booties—in these colors to add a sophisticated look to your wardrobe.

7–All Black Outfits | Monochromatic Looks for Fall + Vivid Highlights

All black looks were popular on the F/W 2022 runways earlier this year. The look included everything from sophisticated slip dresses and leather to everyday outfits and suits.

Putting together a monochromatic look can be as simple as pairing a long black dress with a great pair of boots, or it can be as complex as layering different fabrics and styles together to form a look with plenty of texture and style.

For those who love neutrals, black is great to pair with your favorite neutral tones, like ivory and beige.

Black is also a great anchor for matching with the bold color tones that are in this season, including reds and blues.

What to Wear

Slip dresses and maxi length dresses are in, and they look great styled with classic accessories.

Pair a black tank top with brightly colored pants, or wear the tank top under a bold colored blazer with a pair of denim jeans.

Invest in a pair of wide leg pants to wear with your favorite black top and booties, for a simple yet sophisticated monochromatic look. Or use wide leg pants as an anchor for the fitted tank top look that is in style now.

8–Pink | Barbiecore

Don’t be surprised to find pink everywhere, in playful tones that range from bubblegum to hot pink.

What to Wear

Add a pink blazer to your wardrobe. Pair it with neutrals to add a pop of color and fun to your outfits.

Fall is famous for sweater weather, and it’s a great time to look for a sweater or cardigan in pink.

If you have a fall wedding to go to, then a slip dress in a warm pink tone may be just what you need for the perfect fall wedding outfit.

9–Low Rise Pants | Cargo Pants

Low rise, wide leg pants are another big trend this fall. These pants give an outfit a laid back, luxurious look. Low for low—not super low, but slightly lower slung waistlines on everything from casual pants and suiting style pants.

Cargo pants remain a wardrobe essential this fall, and they are perfect for putting together a great look on the fly. Invest in a pair of cargo pants in a neutral color to mix and match with other fall basics, like sweaters, cardigans, and jackets.

What to Wear

Pair super comfortable, relaxed pants with a white tank top and cardigan, or your favorite cozy sweater this fall. High heels, sneakers, or boots in a surprising color, like hot pink, lime green, or winter white, are a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit of neutral pieces that feature cargo pants.

10–Leather and Faux Leather | Moto Looks

Leather was a trend in everything from jackets to pants to accessories. This trend also includes biker chic details in accessories and clothing.

What to Wear

A motorcycle jacket is the easiest way to add a biker loom to your wardrobe.

Wide leg leather pants are another way to add leather to your wardrobe.

11–Maxi Length Skirts and Dresses

Maxi skirts and maxi dresses are making a big statement this fall, with beautiful colors and fabrics that are great for creating interest and softening up a fall look.

This trend can be wonderfully comfortable and wearable. Maxi skirts and dresses suit many different types of figures, and they are easy to style with statement accessories—like your favorite denim jacket, a cozy sweater, or your favorite handbag.

What to Wear

Pair maxi skirts and dresses with statement boots to keep outfits from going too saccharine. Cold weather tights can help to keep your legs warm, and add another layer of interest to a look.

12–Statement Boots | Platforms, Metallics, and More

Boots are one of the best ways to accessorize a fall outfit. Statement boots are in this fall. Look for over-the-knee boots with flat or low heels, platform boots, and motorcycle boots to be on trend this season.

Boots in metallic colors are another trend to look for—metallic colors can add subtle interest to a fall outfit.

What to Wear

Tall boots look great with shorts, mini skirts, and dresses. Motorcycle boots and platform boots add an edge to an otherwise neutral or feminine look. Add a pair of metallic boots to a neutral outfit to mix things up.

13–Suiting | Tailored Styles

Suit pieces, especially coordinated pieces, are in style, giving us a tailored look this season. Look for business-like matching sets in warm neutrals and in surprising colors like bold blue or bright pink.

What to Wear

Tailored blazers, suiting pants, and matching skirts are a great way to get a chic look this season. Waistcoats and vests are also in this fall.

Add a neutral blazer to an otherwise monochromatic black, pink, or winter white outfit. Or wear a long trench coat to bring together the elements of a brightly colored outfit.

Style a vest with a button up shirt and a pair of dress pants or a plaid skirt for a great, “corporate”-style look.

14–The Statement Coat

Crisp autumn weather lets us know when it’s time to start thinking about outerwear to keep us warm.

What to Wear

Outerwear is a great way to do “dopamine dressing”—look for coats and jackets in vivid colors that brighten up a dreary fall day.

Classic trench coats and wool coats in neutral colors are perfect additions to a fall wardrobe.

This post was all about Fall/Winter 2022 fashion trends.

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