12 Fall Wedding Flowers to Make You Fall in Love Again

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Here are some of the best autumn seasonal flowers to use for a fall wedding.

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This post is all about fall wedding flowers that make perfect decorations for an autumn wedding.

The beautiful colors of fall make this season one of the best times to get married. As the summer days start to cool off, some of the best flowers in the garden start their season.

Beautiful autumn sunsets, changing leaf colors, and rural settings make a great background for a romantic fall wedding. As you start to plan and do things, like choosing the perfect wedding dress, you are probably thinking about what flowers to use for a fall wedding.

Many couples choose rich, warm autumnal color palettes to inspire their fall wedding decorations. Fall blooming flowers fit perfectly into many of these designs, especially when you are looking for great fall wedding colors to choose from.

Choosing seasonal flowers is important if you plan to get your wedding flowers from local growers. Artificial flowers and dried flowers and plants can be used to expand your horizon when it comes to creating wedding floral arrangements.

Beautiful fall colors for an autumn wedding bouquet include burnt orange, dusty pink, burgundy, and ivory.

Sage green is a popular color for fall wedding greenery. Eucalyptus boughs are also a popular choice for weddings.

Orchids and calla lilies make wonderful flowers for boutonnières. Incorporate these into your wedding bouquet and other flowers arrangements, also.

Using a mixture of fresh and dried flowers for a wedding can set a unique and dramatic scene, with botanical touches like dried bunny tail grass and dried Pampas grass adding height, texture, and beauty to centerpieces, decorations, and floral arrangements.

Here are 12 flowers that reach their peak during the late summer and early fall. Their beautiful shapes and colors make them great flowers for a fall wedding.

The Best Fall Wedding Flowers


Some varieties of amaranth are grown in vegetable gardens as a grain or leaf plant, while other amaranth varieties produce interesting and dramatic waterfall-style foliage that is great to use in waterfall wedding bouquets or draped over arches. Waterfall-style amaranth flowers come in shades of red, pink, and light green, while upright amaranth flowers come in shades of red, orange, bronze, gold, and green. The upright amaranth varieties make a great filler for wedding flower arrangements.


Asters are late summer blooming flowers that produce flowers in hot pink, pink, dark purple, light purple, and white. Different varieties of aster have interesting petals—some are thread-like while others form poufs. A fun and flexible flower for fall weddings.


Astilbe are perennial flowers with plume-like foliage that looks dazzling in wedding bouquets and other decorations. These flowers bloom between late spring and late summer, and come in colors like red, pink, purple, lilac, and white.

4—Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are gorgeous flowers that make a dramatic statement in fall wedding bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arrangements. Calla lilies are available in many colors. These flowers hold up well and are a popular choice for weddings.


Chrysanthemums bloom during autumn and are a popular fall wedding flower. Unique blooms like the so-called “spider mums” make dramatic statement flowers for fall wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wedding decor, cakes, and flower arrangements. Chrysanthemum blooms come in colors like deep red, salmon, mauve, purple, and cream. Other members of the chrysanthemum family include gerbera daisies and Shasta daisies.


Cornflower (also known as Bachelor Button) is a late summer blooming flower that comes in shades of red, pink, and blue. If you are looking for blue flowers for a wedding, cornflower is one of the few rare flowers that has a natural, blue color. These flowers are great for a simple bouquet and for decorating rustic weddings.


Big, beautiful dahlias are at their peak toward the end of summer and early fall. Their varying sizes and colorful tones make dahlias a great statement flower for fall weddings. Dahlias bloom in a wide range of colors, including deep red, purple, blush pink, salmon, sunset orange tones, and multi-tones. Use dahlias in fall wedding bouquets and flower arrangements for tables.


Alaska daisies are a great fall flower, with crisp white petals and sunny centers.


Orchids are a great flower to use for fall wedding bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arrangements. In particular, Cymbidium orchids (also known as boat orchids) are renowned for being able to keep a fresh appearance for long periods without water, making them a great choice fall wedding bouquets and boutonnières. These hardy orchids come in a variety of colors, including red, mauve, pink, orange, yellow, white, and light brown, some with interesting decorations and patterns on the petals.


Many roses bloom in spring and then have a second blooming season as temperatures cool down during fall. Rose blooms come in many different colors and shades, including red, pink, peach, yellow, and white. Red roses make a dramatic statement, while pink, peach, and blush colored roses soften the look of a bouquet or room.


Sunflowers bloom for much of summer, showing their best colors as summer ends and fall begins. Sunflowers are famous for their sunny yellow petals, but there are also varieties of sunflower that bloom in shades of velvet red, pale yellow, white, and burnt orange. Sunflowers are a classic choice for a rustic fall wedding.


Zinnias are a beautiful and easy to grow flower that are great for wedding bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arrangements. Zinnia flower colors include red, pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, and white.

Fall Wedding Greenery and Botanical Elements

1—Bunny Tail Grass

Dried bunny tail grass is another wedding flower favorite, especially for boho weddings.


Eucalyptus boughs and sprays are very popular for weddings, whether they are being used as greenery for a wedding bouquet or used to decorate centerpieces, aisle markers, or wedding arches.

3—Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is commonly seen in boho wedding flower arrangements, but it can be used for almost any type of wedding style. These dramatic plumes add texture, height, and style to any scene. Use them to create excitement or to soften a look. Pampas grass is a great botanical to use for wedding flower arrangements or to decorate aisle markers, chairs, or a wedding arch. You can find plumes of Pampas grass for sale online.


Succulents add a unique touch to wedding displays. Use them to give wedding decorations a natural, earthy feel. They can also be used to add a soft, woodland feel to rustic wedding decorations.

This post covered 12 of the best fall wedding flowers with tips on how to use them. These ideas may help you with ideas to share during your next meeting with your wedding florist.

This post was all about fall wedding flowers in season.

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