20 Easy Last Minute Fall Wedding Ideas

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Last minute fall wedding ideas can make your special day even more spectacular.

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Looking for last minute fall wedding decor ideas? Here are some easy fall wedding decor ideas that can make an autumn wedding even more special.

Fall is a great time to have a wedding. Changing leaf colors make a great backdrop, while crisp weather can create just the right temperature for an outdoor wedding.

Rustic weddings are a popular theme for fall weddings, as are dramatic fall colors and details.

Many of the best fall wedding decor ideas are those that you can do as a DIY or easily incorporate into a fall wedding plan. This is one of the best things about designing an outdoor or rustic fall wedding.

Here are 20 easy fall wedding decor ideas to use for an autumn wedding.

Last Minute Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

1—Fall Wedding Invitations

There are so many wonderful fall themed wedding invitations that you can find online. Printing and mailing your own can save you time and money if you are in a rush.

2—Wedding Programs, Cards & Signs

Likewise, printing your own wedding programs and wedding signage can save time and money. You can also buy sets of wedding cards and games to use during the reception.

3—DIY Chalkboard Wedding Signs

This is a quick and easy DIY for a fall wedding. Take a chalkboard and chalk and write messages to the guests that are related to the wedding. Ideas include a welcome sign and signs to direct your guests on places to go.

4—Artificial Plants

Use nature as inspiration for centerpieces and other wedding decor. Branches, mums, eucalyptus, bunny tail grass, pampas grass, sunflowers, and other seasonal plants and flowers make great decorations for fall weddings.

5—Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins make great decor for fall weddings. Arrange pumpkins and winter squash to form centerpieces for tables and places around the wedding venue. Large pumpkins can be carved, gutted, and used to hold bottled drinks.

6—Rustic Wedding Decor

Don’t forget to stock up on cute wedding decor, like tiny rustic wood heart confetti and unique wedding guest books.


Make sure to have enough dinnerware, flatware, cups, and napkins for guests. Use colorful tableware to accent the color palette for your wedding.

8—Mason Jars

Empty, clean glass mason jars can be used to hold flowers or other table decorations. Placing LED string lights in a jar to make a lantern is a popular way to decorate for weddings and other special occasions. String lights are an easy way to create ambiance and mood lighting.

You can also find jar lanterns that are already made. The lanterns look great when hanging from shepherd’s hooks.

9—Draping Fabric

Draping fabric can be used to add drama to any scene. Chiffon table runners make great wedding decorations. You can also use chiffon to decorate chairs and wedding arches, too.

10—LED Outdoor String Lights

String lights add a warm glow and lots of ambience to a rustic fall wedding. Use waterproof LED string lights that are made for outdoor use to decorate barns, groves, and other intimate spaces around the wedding.

11—Wood Slices

Wood slices make great table decorations for fall weddings. Use them to add texture and height to your fall wedding decor.

12—Floral Wreaths

Floral wreaths make great table decorations when paired with other wedding rustic decor, like greenery and decorative lanterns.

13—Decorative Lanterns.

Use decorative lanterns and LED candles in different sizes to add a rustic touch to fall wedding decor and provide extra lighting for guests.

14—Throw Blankets

Place throw blankets in chairs for guests to use if they get cold. Throw blankets make great wedding party favors for fall and winter weddings.

15—Coffee Bar

Set up a coffee bar table to serve hot drinks to guests. Popular drinks include coffee, tea, cocoa, and apple cider. Pumpkin pie spice, caramel, and apple cinnamon are popular flavors for this time of year.

16—Dessert Bar

A dessert bar is another popular fall wedding idea, and it can help to stretch the wedding cake. Set up a table to serve cake, apple cider donuts, cupcakes, mini pecan or pumpkin pies, mini pastries, and other sweets to guests.

Cake stands are a neat way to serve both cake and small desserts. Fall-themed cake toppers are great for setting the mood at fall weddings.

You’ll want to have a neat way to serve the wedding cake, too.

17—Table Runners

Table runners are a simple way to decorate a table and make it look more dramatic.

18—Autumn Pillow Covers

Use pillow covers that feature autumn themes or autumn colors to add an intimate touch to any rustic fall wedding. Don’t forget to get throw pillow inserts to stuff the pillow covers with.

19—Photo Booth Backdrop

A photography backdrop makes a great place to take photos or set up a fall wedding photo booth. This can be a lot of fun for guests.

20—Wedding Favors

Wedding-themed can cozies or drink sleeves, small bottles of maple syrup, vegetable seed packets, harvest-themed chocolate bars, and more make great fall wedding favors.

This post contained 20 easy fall wedding decor ideas to use for an autumn wedding.

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