How to Apply Blush | The Best 2023 Makeup Trends

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Tips on how to apply blush, plus makeup trends to know for 2023.

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Here is how to wear blush, one of the biggest beauty trends in 2023.

Clean looking makeup that highlights the natural skin will be a big trend in 2023. Simple makeup looks that accentuate natural beauty and appearance will be big this year, and wearing blush is a great way to get the look.

A good color palette for the year includes interesting red, pink, and orange tones, like berry, hot pink, and coral tones.

Use blush to create dramatic looks high up on the face, and to bring a pop of color and warmth to muted or minimal makeup looks. Dewy skin and shimmering looks are in.

Multi-use beauty products are also a big trend, so blush sticks that make it easy to apply color to both your cheeks and lips continue to be popular this year. Multi-use products, like blush sticks or makeup sticks, can help you streamline your beauty regimen and make more space on your counter.

In general, makeup trends are becoming more expressive and accessible this year.

2023 Makeup Trends: Blush

Use blush to create a seamless looks that highlights the natural contours of your cheekbones and face.

Use blush to create simple, natural looks that highlight the natural shape of your face and bring vibrant color to your skin. Draw your inspiration from natural sources, like the way sunshine looks when it falls on your face and highlights your skin.

Rather than creating sharp angles, blend your blush makeup in for a relaxed, fresh look that is both bold and soft. Warm pastels and shimmering colors that highlight your natural tones are in style this year when it comes to makeup.

Use a shaping stick to draw gentle contours along your cheekbones that help to create your look.

Why Wear Blush?

Blush can be used to add shape and contour to a face. It can also be used to accentuate your natural features.

This year, blush will be a great way to add a warm pop of color to the face. Whereas natural makeup looks will rule, a warm splash of color on the cheeks will bring interest to your look. Shimmering blush is a great way to highlight the glowy makeup trend that is big at the moment.

You can use blush to highlight your cheekbones and to create a natural glow on your face. Blush adds color that may compliment your skin tone, giving you a vibrant, healthy appearance.

Choose blush colors that accentuate your natural beauty and appearance.

What Types of Blush Are There?

Blush comes in different textures and colors. Popular blush finishes include blush with matte finish, blush with satin finish, and blush with shimmering finish.

High pigment mineral blush made with super fine pigments can deliver a lush makeup look that gives your skin a soft, luminous glow.

So-called buildable blush powders are designed to be layered on the skin, creating deep, rich, and bold color or soft, barely there looks.

Powder blush usually comes in a compact containing pressed powder. You need a powder brush to gather the blush to apply it to your face.

Blush sticks are a popular way to apply makeup that is perfect for the multi-use product trend.

Liquid blush can be a great choice when you are looking for a blush that melts seamlessly into the skin for a more natural glow.

Tips on How to Apply Blush

1—Start with clean skin.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser before applying makeup.

2—Build a foundation.

A fresh, dewy look is in this year, so start with natural looking makeup to build a foundation for the rest of the makeup that you apply to your face.

Lightweight foundation that evens out your tone and blends in with the skin plays a big role in the no-makeup makeup trend this year.

Look for sheer coverage foundation formulas to take a front row seat in makeup organizers this year. Tinted moisturizers and SPF foundations will continue to be on trend as part of the natural makeup trend.

3—Choose your blush.

Cream blush can be gently applied to the face using a brush. Use a beauty blender or clean fingers to blend out excess blush. If using powder blush from a blush compact, then use a powder brush to gather the blush to apply it to your skin.


Smile lightly to determine where your cheekbones are. Decide whether you want to apply your blush higher up on your face—a current trend, or to apply blush onto other areas of the cheekbones, such as on or just below the middle of your cheekbone.

5—Apply the blush.

Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, using sweeping motions that travel from your lip line towards your ear line.

6—Create layers.

Keep your blush soft and light for a minimal makeup look, or apply the blush in layers to create a deeper, richer look. One way to layer blush for a more pronounced look is to start with a cream blush for the first layer, and then follow up with a powder blush in the same or a similar color or shade.

7—Optional: Use a setting mist.

Setting mist can be used to help make your makeup look more radiant, and it can also help to keep your makeup in place. After applying your makeup, gently spritz your face with setting mist according to product instructions.

This post was all about how to apply blush and blush makeup trends for 2023.

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