How to Dress for a Spring Wedding | Easy Tips

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This post is all about what to wear to a spring wedding.

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This post is all about what to wear to a spring wedding.

It can be hard to beat the initial excitement of receiving a spring wedding invitation in the mail, but then you realize that you now have things to do—like deciding what to wear. This post covers how to dress to attend a spring wedding, including ideas on spring evening wedding attire.

These spring wedding outfit ideas will give you what you need to be among the best dressed guests at the wedding. From romantic details to bright spring colors, here are some of the best spring wedding guest outfit finds.

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1—How to Choose a Spring Wedding Guest Outfit

Here are some tips to consider when choosing what to wear to a spring wedding.

1. Read the invitation. Study the wedding invitation to look for important tips that may help you determine how to dress for the wedding. For example, is it a daytime wedding or an evening wedding? Where will the wedding take place? An outfit for a beach wedding would be different from an outfit that you might wear to a church wedding, for example. Often, the invitation will include a dress code, but if it doesn’t then contact the wedding party to find out how to dress for the wedding.

2. Choose spring colors and designs. Spring is the time to bring out floral and other prints that celebrate the season. Use a spring color palette to put together your wedding guest outfit. Popular spring colors include softer tones like blush and mint greens. Spring can also be a good time to highlight bright, bold colors like coral, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

3. Don’t choose the same color as the bride’s wedding party. Find out the colors that the bride intends to use for her wedding party, and look for pieces in different colors or tones. Otherwise, you could be mistaken as a member of the bridal party and spend your time fielding questions from guests and others who are looking for directions.

4. Pick comfortable, breathable fabrics. Whatever outfit you choose, try to put together pieces that will help you stay comfortable during the celebration. Spring is notorious for temperature changes, and it can be a good idea to wear clothes that allow you to add or subtract layers in order to stay warm or to cool down.

5. Play with silhouettes. The arrival of spring means that it’s time to put away heavy winter coats and relying on long silhouettes to keep us warm. As temperatures warm up, consider wearing shorter hems, along with lighter fabrics, to wear to spring weddings.

6. Bring on the accessories. Spring is the time when outdoor weddings begin, but it can still be a little chilly—especially early in the season. Layer on great accessories, like statement jackets, shawls, and scarves that complete your outfit, and help you stay warm, this spring.

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2—Outfit #1: Classic Pastels

Pastel colors are perfect for spring. There are many styles of dresses to choose from, plus they are fun to accessorize. Wearing a pastel dress gives a delicate, spring-like touch to an outfit.

Look for romantic details, like ruffles and frills, to add a fun touch to your spring wedding guest attire. Great accessories for a pastel wedding guest dress include matching heels or nude heels, a white, beige, or pastel handbag, and a pair of sunglasses.

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3—Outfit #2: Romantic Floral Prints

Floral prints are a perfect look for a spring wedding. Whether you like small, whimsical prints or bold patterns, the floral dress is a classic look. Wrap dresses are perfect for early spring weddings when the weather is still cool. A wrap maxi dress is the perfect way to look stylish this season while staying warm.

Tip: If it’s cold outside, accessorize your look with a fuzzy jacket or faux leather jacket to add an extra warmth.

Choose bright, bold or pastel floral prints for daytime wedding outfits and dark floral prints for evening wedding outfits. Since the dress itself is often a standout piece when it comes to wearing pastels to a wedding, keep shoes and jewelry simple.

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4—Outfit #3: Bright Colors

Midi dresses in bright colors are perfect for spring weddings. They give a fun and flirty vibe. Give your dress a finishing touch with simple jewelry, like a bracelet and hoop earrings. Platform sandals are the perfect shoe to pair with a boldly colored dress.

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5—Outfit #4: Nature-Inspired Prints

Nature-inspired clothing provides a good alternative to floral dresses. Leaf prints and watercolors that remind you of things like ocean water and sunsets are a great way to get the look.

Boho dresses are a great look for casual spring weddings. Accessorize with drop earrings and a bangle.

Add a scarf or jacket if the weather is slightly cold. Platform sandals and strappy sandals add a great look to bohemian-inspired dresses. Choose a simple clutch handbag in a complementary color or beige.

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6—Outfit #5: Spring Evening Wedding Attire

Choosing an outfit to wear for spring evening wedding attire can be a challenge, especially when the dress code for wedding is black tie. In general, longer silhouettes and sparkling details are a good place to start when choosing what to wear to an evening wedding.

The easiest way to dress for a black tie spring wedding is to wear a long dress or a tuxedo, usually in darker colors or tones. These are classic choices for a formal evening wedding celebration.

To make your evening wedding attire look more modern, play with details—like wearing a leather jacket over a slip dress or a dark floral dress, or opting for ankle boots instead of heels. Dresses and jumpsuits with sheer details are also in this season.

Jumpsuits can also be a great option for spring evening wedding attire. Look for all black or jewel tone numbers, or dark floral prints.

Keep in mind, however, that it can be a good idea to contact the bridal party to find out exactly how formal or casual the wedding is supposed to be. Use the information to help you put together your wedding guest outfit.

As long as there are no rules in place that state otherwise (bridal preferences or cultural norms, for example), you could also consider wearing a shorter hemline. Cocktail dresses with great details can be the perfect choice for a spring wedding. Don’t go too short, however—look for hemlines that hover around the knee.

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7—Favorite Spring Wedding Outfit Accessories

One of the best things about putting together a spring wedding guest outfit is choosing what accessories to wear for the occasion. Daytime weddings may be more casual, meaning that you can choose brightly colored accessories or muted earth tones.

Evening wedding attire tends to be more formal, giving you a chance to show of bold statement jewelry and accessories. It’s a good time to dive into metallic fabrics and textures, especially for handbags. You can also accessorize with classic black pumps and handbags.

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This post was all about what to wear to a spring wedding.

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