The Best Minimalist Christmas Decor to Look for This Season

Image of 2 small decorative ceder trees with a banner that reads minimalist Christmas decor.

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to do. Minimalist Christmas decor gives you a way to decorate that is simple and beautiful.

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This post is all about modern minimalist Christmas decorating for the holidays.

The winter holiday season can feel overwhelming when you have lots of things to do. Somehow, everything seems to need to be done all at once, from doing Christmas shopping to finishing out your projects for the year.

One thing that doesn’t have to be stressful is decorating a home for Christmas. Using minimalist design, it is possible to celebrate the holidays while making decorating easy and stress-free.

Simple elegant Christmas decor doesn’t have to be hard. The key to doing it is to keep things simple and focused. Decide on a few core holiday design elements and decorations that you must have, and stick to a plan. Try to think of ways to scale back or simplify what you would normally do.

Here are some ways to decorate like a minimalist for Christmas.

Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

1–Simplify Your Tree

Keep things simple when it comes to the Christmas tree. Rather than having a large tree that you have to assemble and fill with lights and ornaments, consider using a smaller tree that is easier to put together and decorate.

You don’t even have to decorate the tree, especially if you use a small, fresh pine that looks beautiful on it’s own. Minimal decor allows the tree to shine.

Tabletop Christmas trees are easy to manage and add a fun and whimsical look to a room.

Leafy branches and plants make great Christmas decor when placed in a basket. To get the look, wrap the stem of an artificial branch in a towel. Place the towel-wrapped stem in a basket, and then fill the top of the basket with florists’ moss to hide the towel.

Fresh plants also make wonderful Christmas decor. A potted plant placed near the fireplace can add to the Christmas-y feel of the room. Put a tray beneath the plant the capture water, then display the plant in a pot or basket that matches your decor.

Use can also use a fresh pine branch to make Christmas decor. To get the look, place a leafy branch in a glass or vase filled with water. Place the glass into a woven basket, surrounded by a towel to help hold it up.

Stuff florists’ moss around the stem to help hide the pot and keep the stem in place. Place the arrangement in a place where it’s unlikely to be knocked over. This works best with fresh stems best when you make the arrangement right before you need to use it for decorating a space.

2–Choose Simple Looks for Gift Wrapping

Craft paper creates a great, minimalist look for wrapping gifts. Use simple twine to help secure packages. For a special touch, you can decorate wrapped Christmas gifts with pine cones, bits of greenery, or dried orange slices, tied to the package using twine.

If wrapping Christmas gifts I’d not your thing, then placing gifts in gift bags is a simpler way to hide gifts until it’s time to open them.

3–Decorate with Botanicals

For many, a garland draped over the mantle is one of the most familiar ways to decorate for Christmas.

Garlands are also great for hanging on walls, covering arches, or arranging on tables. Pine and eucalyptus make great materials for garlands.

Minimal wreaths are a great way to decorate doors, walls, and tabletops. Decorate a wire wreath form with your favorite holiday greenery, such as pine, cedar, or cypress branches. Use eucalyptus to add a unique, fresh look to holiday decor.

Green moss balls, grouped together on a tray or in a bowl, also make great Christmas decor.

“Found” elements, like wood branches and pine cones, are a popular look for winter holidays. Stack a few branches or pine cones together in a basket, bin, bowl, tray, or tub for a simple, rustic look.

4–Make Simple Centerpieces and Displays

Sometimes homemade is best, whether you are making your own homemade Christmas ornaments to decorate the tree or putting together a centerpiece for the holiday table.

One of the easiest ways to make a centerpiece is to group objects together in a vase, bowl, or tray. A group of flowers or sprays in a vase, a collection of pine cones in a bowl, and a bundle of branches on a tray are easy ways to create a centerpiece for a table or decorative displays for a room.

Other items that can be grouped together include candles on a tray or stand, ornaments in a bowl, or fresh boughs, pine cones, and cranberries in a clear vase.

5–Arrange Candles for a Vertical Element

Candles are great for creating ambiance in a room. They also make great decorations. Easy to arrange, they add a vertical element and mood to any design scheme.

Group candles of different heights and shapes for greater effect. Or use similar heights if candles, placed in different sized candle holders for an interesting look.

6–Use Flowers and Bulbs to Add Beauty

Winter flower bulbs are a classic gift and simple way to decorate a home for Christmas. Amaryllis, paperwhites, and hyacinths are flowers that you can grow from bulbs planted indoors.

Poinsettias are probably the most well-known Christmas flower, and they are an easy to care for plant that you can use to decorate the home. Look for poinsettias in colors like red, white, pink, and yellow to match the color of your holiday decor or home.

Some of the best things about using flowers for Christmas decor is that they add natural liveliness and a pop of color to the home, and you can often enjoy their beauty well beyond the holidays.

This post was all about minimal Christmas decor.

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