Insanely Stylish Spring Dorm Room Decorating Tips 21 Ways

Here are the things you need to decorate your dorm room or college apartment this spring.

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This post is all about how to decorate your dorm room for spring.

Your dorm room is your home away from home, and it’s the perfect opportunity to express your design style.

Here are some stylish ways to decorate your dorm room that are great for college, and beyond.

Your room may be small, but your style doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the best dorm room decorating ideas for your dorm room or college apartment this year.

What’s in Style

Here is what’s “in” this season:

  • Earthy textures
  • Colorful tones
  • Rounded shapes
  • Natural elements
  • Patterns

Checkered prints, dots, and plaids are in. Look for these designs on everything from throw pillows to rugs, perfect for decorating your apartment or dorm room.

Spring College Decor Ideas

1—Textured Blankets

Textures are in this season, and a cozy throw blanket is the perfect way to get this look for your room. Look for faux fur, Sherpa, and bouclé blankets to decorate your room this spring.

2—Faux Floral Wall Decor

Faux floral wall decor is the perfect way to bring springtime into your dorm room a. Use adhesive hooks to hang flower strands vertically or to arrange them in creative along the wall. Add LED string lights to the flower decor to create ambient mood lighting along the wall.

3—Throw Pillows

Bright, colorful throw pillows add warmth and fun to your college dorm decor. Faux fur pillows in pastel colors, and textured pillows in cream and other neutral colors are also great to add to your room for cozy comfort and style.


Houseplants are a great way to bring a touch of nature into your dorm room. Small succulents in earthy and pastel colors are perfect for bringing a spring-like feel to your room.

5—Wall Collage

If you’ve always wanted to make a wall collage, but you’ve never had enough pictures, here are some great photo sets to get you started. The wall collage sets are great for decorating a wall according to your aesthetic.

6—Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is a convenient way to store your goods—whether you use it as a coffee station to help wake you up in the morning or as a general catchall for the things that you need. Add a coffee machine, cups, and accessories to create a great coffee station that is perfect for getting you through spring midterms and finals.

7—Trendy Vase

Use a trendy vase on its own as room decor, or fill it with a dried flower bouquet that will last for a long time.


If you need more space than what a rolling cart has to offer, then consider getting a bookshelf. This bookshelf is great for organizing books and other supplies, plus you can use the shelves as a place to put accent decor to decorate your apartment or room.

9—Flower Arrangement

What could make a dorm room or apartment feel more like spring than a great flower arrangement.

10—Shower Curtain

This bright and colorful shower curtain is perfect for livening up your bathroom.


Colorful floral artwork is perfect for spring. Frame your posters to help elevate the look.


A rounded chair is perfect for getting the organic aesthetic that is popular this year.

13—Acrylic Side Table

Waterfall tables with rounded edges add stylish looks to your living space. Easy to clean and fit into many design schemes, these tables are perfect for decorating small living spaces.

14—Gold Accent Decor

Gold and gold-trimmed decor can add a warm, luxe feeling to any room design. Look for great pieces, like gold-based lamps, gold-trimmed vanity trays, and other gold accents.

15—Tiny Lamps

Really small lamps are in this year, and they are perfect for a dorm room because they are both tiny and functional.

16—Colorful Rugs

Checkerboard rugs are so in right now, and with their cheerful colors, they are hard to resist. These rugs offer plenty of colorful tones to match to your decor or to use for inspiring how you decorate your dorm room or apartment.

17—Storage Bins

Cute storage bins are a great way to add color and texture to your apartment or dorm room, plus you can use them to store everything from blankets and towels to supplies for school.

18—Clothing Rack

A clothing rack is a great way to organize your clothing and accessories, while saving space. The sleek design of this rack makes your dorm room or apartment look chic.

19—Storage Drawers

These drawers are great for storage, and they come in trendy colors that can fit well into almost any dorm decor.

20—Macrame Wall Decor

Macrame is so trendy, and it goes with so many aesthetics, from boho to warm minimalist decor. Use macrame wall decor to add texture and warmth to your room and brighten up the walls.

21—Trendy Dorm Room Accent Decor

Here are some of the best pieces to decorate your dorm room in Spring 2023–including statues, round clocks, potted plants, and peel-and-stick wall decor,

This post was all about college dorm room decor ideas for spring.

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