The Best Winter Nail Colors | Simple Winter Nails Ideas

It may be cold outside, but it’s easy to get warm and elegant holiday nails with these simple winter nails tips.

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This post is all about trendy winter nail colors and winter nails tips and ideas.

Autumn has the best fall makeup and nail color trends, like pumpkin spice makeup and brown nail polish, but the winter season holds its own with dramatic winter nail colors, metallic nail polish, and holiday designs.

Whether you lean toward frosty nail colors that give your winter nails an ice queen aesthetic look, or vibrant winter colors that brighten up a cold, gray day, there are plenty of great winter nail colors to choose from.

Basic winter nail trends include bright red, red with blue undertones, blue, green, gray, and white tones for trendy winter nail colors. A great winter nail polish color can give you cute nails for the holidays. Small details, like holiday inspired and snow flake nail art, can take a winter nails aesthetic over the top.

This post will cover a few of the best winter nail colors that give elegant winter nails a great look, along with winter hand care tips and ideas that can help to keep your hands looking amazing.

Note: Keep in mind that when trying a new beauty product, it can be a good idea to do a spot test for sensitivity before applying the product over a large area of the body.

How to Get the Best Winter Nails + Trendy Winter Nail Colors and Ideas

Here are some trendy winter nail polish colors that can help you get the best winter nails this holiday season, along with tips on ways to keep your hands and nails looking good this winter.

1—Keep your hands moisturized.

If you’re like many people, then you may be fighting dry chapped hands in winter. Between the cold air outside, low humidity, frequent hand washing, and indoor heating, our hands can have a tough time in winter, and you may be wondering how to prevent dry hands and what are some dry itchy skin winter remedies that may help to relieve dry hands in winter.

A few simple tips for keeping hands looking good in winter in include moisturizing hands frequently (look for rich, moisturizing hand lotions and moisturizing hand creams), wearing protective gloves to wash the dishes and do other household chores, and wearing gloves or mittens while outside in winter.

If your cuticles split in winter, then using a moisturizing cuticle cream or cuticle oil may help to provide some relief.

Doing things like taking time to wash and moisturize your hands can be a good practice in winter.

But if dry winter hands is a persistent problem, then talk to your doctor about what may be causing it and what may be done to help provide relief.

2—Get a manicure.

Occasional traditional or classic manicures may help to keep your winter nails looking good, especially when you visit a reputable nail salon that helps you take care of your nails in winter. Professional manicures may involve steps like cuticle care and hand massages that can be relaxing and make your nails look amazing–even without the nail polish.

If you aren’t sure of what winter nail polish colors are the best to wear, your nail stylist may have some ideas on the best winter nail colors to try, and different nail styles and trends that are current this season.

3—Find the best winter nail colors to wear this winter.

If you’re looking for a basic winter nail colors palette to try at home, then here are some of the trendy winter nail colors this year. These colors will carry you through winter in style.


Both bright red nail colors and red nail polish with blue undertones are trending this winter. Bright red nail polish colors are perfect for wearing in daytime, when a pop of color is welcome on cold, gray days.

Dramatic dark red nail polish can also be worn in the daytime, but it shines in the evening when you’re looking for the perfect nail polish colors to wear for date night or for girls’ night with friends.

This beautiful nail polish from the OPI 2023 Fall Collection offers red nail color with a pearl finish that is perfect for both beautiful winter nails and holiday nails.


Blue is always a fun and unexpected nail color, and it’s a great nail color to wear if you want to stand out from the crowd. Blue is also predicted to be a trendy nail color for 2024, so stocking up on blue nail polish now can help you get ahead of the curve.

For the holidays, you can mix things up with shimmering blue nail polish that is perfect to wear for New Year’s Eve and other special occasions. Sparkling blue nail polish is perfect to liven up things for holiday wear.

Cornflower blue and steel blue nail polish colors are also good to wear in winter.


Sugarplum inspired purple nail polish colors are a must have for winter, especially when you’re getting dressed up for holiday parties. If you want everyone to ask what nail polish color you are wearing at holiday dinner, then choose shimmering purple nail polish colors like Shaking My Sugarplums from OPI.


Green is a great winter nail color, especially around the holidays when dreamy Christmas trees and forest scenes take center stage. Try dark green nail polish to get the look.


There are plenty of fantastic gray nail polish colors to choose from this winter, and steel blue grays are just one favorite. Slate gray and slate blue nail polish colors are trendy winter nail polish colors this season. Dark gray nail polish adds a dramatic look to nails.

Nude Nail Polish

If nude nail polish colors are your favorite, then you’ll find plenty of great winter nail colors that fit the bill. Nude nail polish colors are perfect for everyday wear, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.

Nude nail polish colors with a metallic finish offer the best of both worlds when it comes to getting perfect holiday nails this winter.


Both frosty white and shimmering white nail polish colors are among the best winter nail colors, both for everyday wear and for special occasions this holiday season. Celebrate the snowy season with fabulous winter nail polish colors like Funny Bunny nail lacquer from OPI.

Metallic Nail Colors

Metallic nail polish colors are essential to have during the winter holiday season. Look for metallic winter nail colors that range from frosty whites to sugarplum purples.

The best metallic nail polish colors for the holiday season include gold and silver, and other nail polish colors that are enhanced with shimmering appeal. Gold nail polish is a classic look for holiday nails.

Holographic silver nail polish gives elegant winter nails the perfect finish for New Year’s Eve.

Shimmering or holographic pink, blue, and silver metallic nail polish colors are especially good going into the New Year. Brighten up your look with these fun tones.

The easiest way to get elegant holiday nails is to paint the nails with a few coats of colorful or metallic nail polish and let the nail polish do the talking. These trendy winter nail polish colors are sure to turn a few heads this season.

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This post was all about simple winter nails ideas and the best winter nails color trends.

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