The Best Cottagecore Wedding Ideas for a Romantic Wedding

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The romantic cottagecore aesthetic makes the perfect inspiration for a spring wedding.

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This post is all about the best cottagecore wedding ideas and decor.

Spring wedding trends and the cottagecore aesthetic make a natural fit. Filled with dreamy, natural, and romantic aspirations, the cottagecore trend is the perfect inspiration for a spring wedding.

Here are some tips on how to make a cottagecore spring wedding stylish, fun, and memorable.

In this post, you’ll find plenty of great spring wedding decor ideas, including the best spring wedding colors, wedding dress styles, and wedding cake ideas.

In This Post | Cottagecore Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the topics that this post explores.

There are a number of key wedding themes that have emerged during the past few years, and this post will cover how to get the best cottagecore style and details for your wedding.

How to Style a Cottagecore Wedding

The cottagecore trend has taken off, with people desiring a cozy, relaxed, and homey feel when it comes to both special occasions and everyday life.

Cottagecore is more than just a style trend. It has core elements that you can embrace when living everyday life—and for your wedding.

Start with a classic-style wedding invitation that lets your guests know important details about your big day.

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The Cottagecore Aesthetic

The cottagecore asthetic embodies an existence that is more sustainable and harmonious with the world around us. The cottagecore aesthetic is:

  • Nostalgic
  • Peaceful
  • Romantic
  • Slow living
  • Sustainable

Think small, cozy cottage surrounded by a wild English-style garden. Details like fresh roses and eucalyptus flower crowns add to the romantic aesthetic.

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The Cottagecore Wedding Venue & Decor Ideas

A cottagecore wedding feels like it’s taking place at the center of a romantic English garden at the edge of a wild forest. It embraces a vintage-y, romantic feel.

For a modern yet timeless cottagecore feel, look for a wedding venue that offers you a country garden setting, or a wedding venue that you can decorate to feel like a country garden.

Botanic gardens, farms, greenhouses, and any place that offers plenty of open air spaces, natural features, and plants can be a great venue to host a cottagecore wedding. For an outdoor wedding, look for a venue that evokes a pastoral theme.

For an indoor wedding, consider renting a country manor or similar venue. Fill the space with vintage touches, like bird cages, country-themed art, and classical urns.

Velvet touches and lace tablecloths make a great landscape for decorating tables with floral centerpieces, lanterns, and other vintage pieces.

Use a vintage-style table to hold the wedding guest book, card box, and a floral centerpiece. Antique-style picture frames are perfect for family photos and pressed flower displays.

Fill antiqued urns, vases, and woven baskets with flower arrangements that match your wedding colors. Chiffon table runners for weddings are perfect for adding a romantic touch.

For a cottagecore wedding reception, highlight natural elements, including simple floral arrangements and classic place settings for each table. Use earthy tones to ground the table settings.

Use vintage-style glasses, dinnerware, vases, and other items that have an antique feel to them, to decorate for your wedding reception.

Decorate your sweetheart table with a chiffon table runner and a fantastic floral arrangement to create an intimate space.

Use decor that complements the rest of your wedding reception decor, but add personal touches and elements that make the sweetheart table a more private space in the midst of a very busy day.

Use seasonal flowers to create both elaborate and simple, but elegant, centerpieces to decorate tables. Cottage garden flowers are a good choice.

Terrariums and leafy centerpieces add a fun, woodsy touch to a cottagecore-themed wedding, and complement the cottage garden feel.

Natural elements, like florists’ moss and faux woodland details, deliver an organic feel to cottagecore wedding decorations.

Traditional wedding flowers, like roses, add the perfect romantic touch. Wildflowers and old fashioned garden flowers can be used to add an English garden feel to the room.

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The Cottagecore Wedding Dress + Styles for Groom

A romantic-style dress, embellished with lace or pearls can be a good choice in keeping with the Cottagecore theme, as can embellished shoes and flower crowns or headbands.

Tulle and statement sleeves are perfect details for a cottagecore wedding dress. Lace accents, pearls, and embroidery also add a perfect touch. Choose one or two romantic details that make your wedding dress stand out.

Whether you choose pumps, mules, or sandals to wear on your wedding day, a great pair of wedding shoes makes an important accent for a dress.

Whether you choose to wear family jewelry or try something new, pretty earrings or a great bracelet or necklace add a subtle finishing touch to a great wedding look. Accessorize with a eucalyptus flower crown, a rose floral crown, pearls, or other hair jewelry.

Floral accessories, like your wedding bouquet, add perfect romantic detail to a cottagecore aesthetic wedding.

For the groom, a classic tuxedo is a perfect choice for a more formal wedding. Accessorize the look with loafers and a boutonnière that celebrates the main floral theme of your wedding.

For a more casual or rustic cottagecore wedding suit, go for a look that highlights the groom’s personality. Consider wearing a suit in blue or gray, and add elements like a colorful tie or socks.

A velvet jacket and smoking shoes give the groom a dapper look for fall and winter weddings. Suspenders also add a more personal touch.

Bridesmaids dresses that are filled with ruffles, embellishments, tulle, and other cottagecore style details make the perfect way to style your wedding party on the big day. For children, look for clothes and accessories that offer a vintage feel.

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The Cottagecore Wedding Cake

Cottagecore wedding cake styles range from simple to elaborate, but common themes are that the cakes feature floral elements, leaves, and other nature-inspired decorations.

A romantic, tiered wedding cake with sugar flowers adds the perfect touch to a cottagecore-themed wedding. Work with your cake decorator to develop ideas for adding romantic details like gumpaste sugar flowers, gumpaste leaves and moss, and other cottagecore-inspired decor to your wedding cake.

You can also get the look by decorating the table with faux flowers and stems. Both vintage table decor and rustic table decor add cottagecore vibes to a wedding. For example, for a rustic or woodland-inspired cottagecore wedding, wood chargers and twig or eucalyptus napkin holders may complement the other wedding decor that is used.

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The Cottagecore Wedding Menu

A cottagecore wedding menu is filled with the types of food that remind you of a simple, yet elegant, meal filled with slow foods and local specialties. Choose a menu that calls on seasonal ingredients to make dishes. Rustic breads are a great way to decorate the table and create a warm feeling.

Fill your dessert table with a romantic cottagecore wedding cake, whimsical cupcakes, and cookie bars. Use natural wood rounds to add height and mount vintage-style plates and cake stands.

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Cottagecore Wedding Flowers

Fresh spring flowers, like carnations, daisies, hydrangeas, and roses are perfect for the Cottagecore theme. Decorate with plants that you might find in an English cottage garden, like aquilegias, delphiniums, geraniums, lavender, lupine, peonies, pinks (Dianthus), and roses. Artificial flowers and plants make it easy to create the look.

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The Best Wedding Color Palettes for a Cottagecore Theme

Choose a wedding color scheme that uses pastel colors, along with a slightly darker color that anchors the color scheme. Shades of green make a perfect anchor color for a cottagecore style wedding, as does burgundy (think dark red roses), antique gold, or bronze.

Warm, muted tones that remind you of nature, like rosy red, carnation pink, or cerulean blue that reminds you of river water, are perfect for the cottagecore wedding aesthetic. Fern green, moss green, carnation yellow, and paperwhite spring flower colors are perfect for accenting a spring wedding with a cottagecore theme.

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Woodland Themes and the Cottagecore Wedding

A woodland-themed wedding can be closely tied to the cottage core aesthetic, and woodsy wedding elements are a great way to decorate a cottagecore wedding.

Decorate tabletops with moss, add faux flowers to vases and baskets, tuck in faux mushrooms, and use decorative butterfly and woodland animal elements to add a natural, woodsy feel to a cottagecore wedding.

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This post was all about the best cottagecore wedding ideas and decor.

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