How to Stay Warm While Trick or Treating for Halloween | Easy Warm Costume Ideas

Here are some ideas on how to stay warm while trick or treating.

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This post is all about how to stay warm while trick or treating, plus easy warm costume ideas that may help you beat the autumn chill.

If you’re the type of person who looks forward to being that person on Halloween—you know, the one with the best, the most creative, or the most outrageous outfit—then you know how it is when the weather decides to be that way—you know, super chilly and windy, making it hard to wear that perfect costume that you had picked out.

You could wear a coat and winter accessories to help you stay warm while trick or treating for Halloween. But that means hiding the costume that you spent so much time creating. So what can you do to stay warm and still have fun trick or treating?

As with many things, it depends. If the weather conditions are chilly, but not so cold that you can still safely go trick or treating, then you could choose another outfit or modify your outfit to better accommodate the weather.

This post covers ideas on ways to stay warm while trick or treating, including ideas on easy costumes to wear that may help you stay warm.

Long sleeves, pants made from winter weight fabrics, fleece lined leggings, or thick tights are just a few ways to keep warm while trick or treating. Thermal underwear adds another layer of insulation if your costume is roomy enough to wear a pair underneath.

Fleece lined leggings are a popular item to wear in fall and winter when it comes to staying warm.

You can also find thermal clothing and other base layer clothing made for men and for children, to help keep your family and friends warm, too.

You could also adapt your costume or choose a costume that makes it easier to dress up to stay warm.

Popular and trendy costumes this year include iconic film characters from blockbuster films like Barbie and Oppenheimer. Both characters offer plenty of opportunities to dress up in unique costumes that can help you stay warm. You can do Barbie (or Ken), Oppenheimer, or a mashup of Barbieheimer.

From Barbie’s wonderful cowgirl outfit (you can do a lot with a pink pantsuit) to the retro 80’s athletic outfits that Barbie and Ken wear, there is so much that you can do with these looks. You could start with a pink bodysuit and then layer a cute skirt or shorts over the suit to create a look.

Wear a long sleeve pink top and pink flare leg pants to recreate Barbie’s pink cowgirl look. Accessorize the look with a cute and warm coat (fuzzy jackets or coats are always glam). Don’t forget to wear a pair of fabulous cowboy boots to top things off!

Accessorize an athletic look with an oversized sweatshirt, a windbreaker jacket, or a puffer coat, or puffer jacket in a fun, bright color.

Switching gears, Oppenheimer’s baggy suit, button up shirt, and fedora hat make a good costume for those who are trying to dress to stay warm.

Check out the films for inspiration to help get the details of your costume just right.

Wednesday Addams is a classic Halloween costume, and you can make a warm costume by wearing a long sleeve dress, thick tights or leggings, and Mary Janes or platform boots to complete the look. (Click here for tips on how to make a Wednesday Addams costume and other great costumes, too.)

Tips for Staying Warm While Trick or Treating

Here are some tips that may help you to stay warm while trick or treating.

1—Wear a coat.

It can be a bummer to have to wear your costume under a coat (especially when you want to be seen), but sometimes it’s just too cold to go without one. Look for a costume that can easily be accessorized with a coat and winter accessories—or look for costumes where a coat is part of the costume.

Sherlock Holmes’ great coat and hat are an example of a costume where you could wear a long winter coat, pants, boots, and a hat as part of the costume.

2—Choose a warm costume.

Look for a costume that can help to keep you warm. Costumes made of thick materials that cover the body can go a long way toward beating the chill while trick or treating.

Examples include dressing up like a scarecrow or a lumberjack—two costumes that can be created with warm clothing, including flannel shirts and denim jeans or overalls.

Or dress up like a cartoon or movie character that with long clothing—such as a princess that wears a crown and long dress or a superhero that wears a full bodysuit.

3—Dress in layers.

Wear thermal underwear or another type of base layer under your costume. Fleece lined leggings can be a good way to keep your legs warm, and a turtleneck sweater can also add a layer of warmth. If your costume is one that you can wear boots with, to help keep your lower legs and feet warm, then there’s another layer of warmth that you could add.

4—Pay attention to weather reports.

Pay attention to weather reports for your area during the time that you plan to go trick or treating. If it’s too wet or cold to safely go trick or treat outside, then you could plan a fun evening inside watching movies, doing crafts (an impromptu pumpkin decorating contest, anyone?), or doing other fun Halloween activities.

5—Stay inside.

There are plenty of things to do to celebrate if you choose to stay inside on Halloween. From movie night to pumpkin decorating, there are plenty of Halloween activities to do inside.

Warm Halloween Costume Ideas

When deciding what to dress up as for Halloween, it can help to think about costumes that you can wear that make it easier to wear warmer clothes, to layer up, or to otherwise make the costume wearer feel warmer.

Here are just a few warm costume ideas that may help you stay toasty this season. These are costume ideas that you can wear solo or wear as part of an ensemble with family and friends.


An astronaut’s suit is made of long sleeves and pants, and they are often roomy enough to wear thermal underwear beneath.


A cat costume is simple and cute. Wear a cat ears headband and cat face makeup with you favorite warm and stylish outfit. You can create a cat costume using regular clothes from your closet. Clothing items like a long sleeve black dress with tights or a black turtleneck sweater and pants are a great place to start.

Or wear a full bodysuit for a slightly edgy cat costume. If wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts, then consider layering thick tights or leggings underneath. A fuzzy jacket or coat makes a fun addition to a DIY cat costume.

3—Circus Ringmaster

A circus ringmaster is a fun costume that can also be slightly edgy. Wear a red, double breasted jacket with a crisp white shirt and black pants or fleece lined leggings. Finish the look with a top hat and black knee high boots.

This red coat could also be used to make a pirate costume or to create a Steampunk inspired costume.

4—Little Red Riding Hood

Dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood gives you the chance to wear a long red cape, which can do double duty as a coat or outerwear. Layer the cape over a long sleeve dress or outfit, and wear boots for a look that keeps you warm.

5—Mean Girls

Mean Girls is the perfect costume ensemble to wear with your friends if you all need a costume to wear for Halloween and you all want to stay warm.

To dress up as Mean Girls, wear pink sweaters with plaid skirts. Adding a layer of thick tights or leggings under the skirts can help to keep you warm. Accessorize the outfit with tall boots, if you have them.

Regina’s “cool mom”, Mrs. George, is a great costume to wear, because the costume is literally a pink track suit with sneakers. Accessorize with cute jackets to help keep you warm.

Another character from the movie, Damien, wears a blue hoodie in one scene—this would work with jeans and sneakers that can help you stay warm while trick or treating.

Stay Warm While Trick or Treating—Or Choose Other Halloween Activities to Do Inside When It’s Just Too Cold Outside

These were just a few ideas on how to stay warm while trick or treating when it’s cold outside. In general, doing things like wearing warm outerwear, choosing a costume that provides good coverage, and wearing layers, are ways to help stay warm.

But things like layering and wearing a warm costume can only go so far. Pay attention to weather reports and warnings from your local weather station and authorities. If it’s too cold, wet, or windy to safely go outside to trick or treat, then it’s probably a better idea to stay inside and save the trick or treating for another day.

Instead, consider decorating your home and inviting family or friends over for a Halloween movie night. A charcuterie board makes a great appetizer for a movie night with family and friends.

This post was all about how to stay warm while trick or treating, plus warm costume ideas that may help to beat the autumn chill.

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